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    Jan 5, 2011
    I am a newbie with computer terminology so these questions might not be asked correctly. Hopefully it will be good enough to decipher to answer my questions. I have a perfect working Xserve that I don't want to get rid of installed into a custom rack built by XRackPro by GizMac.

    My question is if I connect two or more Xserve together will it mean my CPU power has increase that would allow for task to be accomplished much more faster? I am going to be doing Bitcoin mining and I am deciding if I should buy all new computers designed specifically for Bitcoin mining, accompanied with compatible fans, and rack; this will cost me $6000 or more. My second choice is to buy more Xserves, accompanied with compatible fans and, memory that would cost me around $2000 -$2500.

    If I buy more than one Xserve, should they all have the same CPU rating?
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    Could be done for the novelty and/or learning experience, but otherwise a waste of money.
    Yeah, I can't stand to get rid of mine just quite yet, for purely sentimental reasons. The electricity doesn't cost much, and they are neat machines to look at.

    Yes, but your application has to be capable of running on multiple machines simultaneously, and you'll need to take any performance hits into account. For Bitcoin at this scale, it doesn't matter...

    If you're trying to flush money down the drain, go ahead. The Xserves, no matter how souped up, will never be a practical Bitcoin rig.

    You'd be better off taking that money and investing in Bitcoin (or something else).
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    on the land line mr. smith.
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    That is what I think I have read in my research. GPU intensive.
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    This is a poor choice for bitcoin mining. You should only consider asic miners for bitcoin, and even these are not very profitable ATM.
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    You need custom silicon (ASICs) to mine bitcoin. You will get nothing mining on a CPU. And even if you found a way to squeeze a high end GPU in that Xserve, you really can't mine bitcoin with those either. You could mine other coins with GPUs but Xserves are a terrible machine for that. They're not really built around having high end expansion cards. They're built around CPU intensive tasks.

    Of course back when bitcoins were new, you could mine them with CPU. And something like an Xserve would just RAKE in the coins all day long. The coins were worthless, but you would have gotten hundreds or even thousands of them. Oh well.
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    Thanks for the information.

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