Black Friday Preview: Get Ready for the Best Deals on HomePod, iPad, Hue Lights, Audio Accessories, and More

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    We're now one week away from Black Friday holiday shopping, which will take place on Friday, November 23. Of course Black Friday isn't just one day any more, and sales have already kicked off today at numerous online and physical retailers. To help plan and organize your shopping, we've created this overview of the best deals you can expect to find while you're out and about next Friday, as well as the ones you can get online with a bit less hassle.

    As you read, remember that most of these deals are not yet live, and you can find the specific opening times for each store in our full Black Friday Roundup.


    Although Apple itself doesn't offer great Black Friday discounts, Apple devices and accessories will see many discounts this Black Friday.

    Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with some of these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

    If you're on the hunt for an iPhone, Walmart will offer a $400 Walmart gift card when you buy the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or X; and a $300 Walmart gift card when you buy the iPhone XS, XS Max, or XR. All iPhones must be purchased on qualifying AT&T Next, Sprint, or Verizon device payment plans, and this offer is valid in Walmart's retail stores only.

    At T-Mobile, you'll be able to get the iPhone XR at no cost if you add the smartphone onto an existing line and trade in an eligible device towards the XR.

    Those shopping for older model iPhones should keep an eye on Best Buy's iPhone 6s deal, which will discount the 2015 smartphone to $199.99 on both Simple Mobile and Total Wireless. At Walmart, you'll be able to buy the iPhone SE for just $79.00 on Walmart Family Mobile plans. Meijer will match this offer for the 32GB iPhone SE on Simple Mobile.

    Target and Best Buy will discount the 128GB iPad mini 4 to $249.99 this Black Friday, savings of $150 from its regular price of $399.99.


    Another popular iPad discount is for the sixth-generation 9.7-inch iPad (32GB) from earlier this year (with Apple Pencil support), which will be available for $249.99, down from $329.99 at Target, Walmart, Costco, and Jet. If you want the same iPad with a little bit more storage, check out Best Buy's Black Friday discount on the 128GB 9.7-inch iPad, available for $329.99, down from $429.99.

    For the brand new iPads, MacMall has already kicked off a sale today, offering the 11-inch iPad Pro (64GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular) for $899.00, down from $949.00; and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (64GB, Wi-Fi) for $949.00, down from $999.00. Otherwise, we haven't seen any indication of other discounts on the latest iPad Pros on Black Friday.

    Apple Watch
    Target and Macy's have the best deal for Apple Watch Series 3 this year, with the GPS models starting at $199.99 for the 38mm Aluminum version, down from $279.99. 42mm models will run for $229.99.

    If you prefer GPS + Cellular, both retailers will also offer savings on the upgraded Series 3 models, starting at $299.99 for the 38mm models and $329.99 for the 42mm models.


    Best Buy has an inferior deal of only $50 off Apple Watch Series 3 instead of $80, but it will have 25 percent off select Apple Watch bands, which should provide a great combo deal if you buy a new Apple Watch elsewhere.

    Also of note for Meijer shoppers, if you buy one Apple Watch Series 3 for $279.00 (full price for the 38mm Aluminum) or more, you'll get one Meijer coupon worth $100 to put towards your next purchase (expiring December 24, 2018). While not a straight discount, frequent Meijer shoppers may find a preference for the in-store credit.

    Best Buy has a few notable MacBook sales, starting with the 2017 MacBook Pro (8GB RAM, 128GB HD) at $1,149.99, down from $1,299.99. One of the best deals in this sale is for the MacBook Pro (16GB RAM, 256GB HD) at $2,149.99, down from $2,399.99.


    The MacBook Air (2017, 8GB RAM, 128GB HD) will be on sale for $799.99, down from $999.99. Lastly, the 21.5-inch iMac (2017, 8GB RAM, 1TB HD) will be marked down to $899.99 from $1,099.99.

    MacMall has the new 13-inch MacBook Air (1.6 GHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD) for $1,149.00, down from $1,199.00, and the Mac mini (3.6GHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD) for $764.00, down from $799.00. These sales are already live.



    The best deal on Apple's smart speaker this Black Friday -- not to mention of all time -- will be at Best Buy. You'll be able to pick up Apple's HomePod for $249.99, down from $349.99.

    In one of the only Black Friday discounts known so far on Apple's AirPods, Newegg will have the wireless headphones for $139.99, down from $159.99, with the promo code BFAD155.

    App Store and iTunes Gift Cards
    [*]Buy one get one 30 percent off at Target
    [*]Get the $50 iTunes gift card for $40 at Best Buy
    [*]Save 10 percent on select iTunes gift cards at Staples
    [*]Get the $25 iTunes gift card for $21.25 at Meijer

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    Jul 10, 2008
    Remember that Black Friday prices have been shown to rarely be the best deal of the year.
  3. gugy, Nov 16, 2018
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    gugy macrumors 68030


    Jan 31, 2005
    La Jolla, CA
    That MacBook Pro deal on Best Buy is not available yet. Probably going for it.
  4. ThankYouRob macrumors member


    Mar 2, 2016
    Minneapolis, MN
    Although that is true, the HomePod price is without question, the best deal for a brand new HomePod. I was going to pick up a Sonos One (my first Sonos purchase ever) - in need of an Airplay 2 compatible speaker, since they are going for $175 on Black Friday, but for $75 more? I'm strongly considering getting another HomePod, instead.
  5. Ethan Coohill macrumors regular

    Jun 3, 2015
  6. shyam09 macrumors 68020


    Oct 31, 2010

    This is incorrect.

    Existing customer - must add the phone to a new line
    New customers - must add the phone to a plan with at least two lines ($120/month).

    Also, they stick you with 36 months of bill credits, so you're locked in for 3 years.

    Eligible devices start at the iPhone 6s.
  7. Mike MA macrumors 68000

    Mike MA

    Sep 21, 2012
    Having a stereo pair in the living room and a third one in the kitchen, the difference in sound quality of two paired HomePod is just awesome. Yet, I will equip more rooms soon.
  8. lakerchick4life macrumors 6502a

    Oct 14, 2007
    the 256GB of the iPad Pro 11 inch is also 899 at macmall but will wait for an even better deal to come along
  9. Ronald Schoedel macrumors newbie

    Ronald Schoedel

    Jun 15, 2016
    I have seen several sites report that T-Mobile is offering the XR free for current customers, with trade in. However, their site says the free XR is only when you add a new line. Current lines get up to half off with an eligible trade in.
  10. Williesleg macrumors 6502

    Oct 28, 2014
    NY, NY
    So sad, Timmy Cook has really ruined the brand. So Manu SKU's, so little innovation, I really wish I wanted some of that stuff, even at those fire sale prices.
  11. djc6 macrumors 6502a


    Aug 11, 2007
    Cleveland, OH
    Anyone aware of iPhone XS/XR deals available online w/o going into a store? Thanks!
  12. TazExprez macrumors regular

    Feb 4, 2010
    New York
    Best Buy had the base nTB MBP 13 for $1,000.00 back in April and for BF they are selling it for $1,150.00.
  13. Zimmy68 macrumors 68000


    Jul 23, 2008
    Black Friday motto, if it has a home button, it gets a discount.
  14. Mizouse macrumors regular

    Nov 5, 2014
    Hmmm I wanted to replace my 1st gen Apple Watch with a Series 4, but the price on the series 3 is really tempting.
  15. Ethan Coohill macrumors regular

    Jun 3, 2015
    I’m excited to test it out. I would be using it as a desktop set up, as I already have a pair of JBLs for my home theater set up.
  16. swingerofbirch macrumors 68040

    Oct 24, 2003
    The Amalgamated States of Central North America
    Is there some catch on the Walmart iPhone SE that right now (before black friday) is 139 for a 32 GB model?

    It's prepaid so no contract. I'm guessing you can't use it with other carriers? Even still, it's far cheaper than an equivalent iPod touch with better specs (A9 chip, 4k video, etc.).
  17. geronimodiddly macrumors newbie

    Jun 11, 2014
    Does anyone know if Best Buy's Black Friday deals are online and in store? The legalese just says "...prices [are] valid during ad dates in our U.S. Stores and may vary online." I don't want to freeze my ass off Thanksgiving night if I don't have to.
  18. Ethan Coohill macrumors regular

    Jun 3, 2015
    Would love to know if you can use this for other carriers as well. Would keep this as a backup phone. Would need to work for Verizon.
  19. munpip214 macrumors member

    Feb 21, 2011
    I tried to get iphone X at walmart last year with $300 off. Impossible! The store said that they had never even seen one since it was released, and never got any for the sale. They got mostly 6s & 7 and maybe a couple 8s. I called most of the walmarts in state and none of them had the phone. Biggest fake ad ever! So don't expect to have any luck getting that deal. And its definitely in store only.
  20. rpe33 macrumors regular

    Jul 19, 2012
    I'm not seeing that Walmart $400 gift card deal anywhere on their website, is it still on?
  21. munpip214 macrumors member

    Feb 21, 2011
    You can use the prepaid ones except that they charge you a $100 fee or something to activate it on a plan that isn't prepaid. I looked into that earlier this year. If you check ebay there are tons of prepaid iphone SEs for cheap, but then that fee makes it as much as other places.
  22. dogslobber macrumors 68040


    Oct 19, 2014
    Apple Campus, Cupertino CA
    Apple's BF deals are second to none. I'm not sure what to buy with the savings!
  23. bookcase macrumors member

    Sep 11, 2014
    Boston, MA
    I had my sights set on the discounted iPad Mini 4, but the tech is almost geriatric at this point. Is this a good deal? I may just stick with my new Kindle Paperwhite.
  24. Digital Skunk macrumors 604

    Digital Skunk

    Dec 23, 2006
    In my imagination
    Same here. Not to mention it's the best deal so far. From $400 down to $250 is a steep discount, but even at $250 the iPad Mini just isn't worth it.
  25. lakerchick4life macrumors 6502a

    Oct 14, 2007
    Yeah I have a family plan with my brother in law..currently have the Samsung Galaxy S6..can get 250 for trade in with tmobile..but don't want to add a line to get the phone for free so thats the catch

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