Blocker App Blocking Vendor/Sales Sites? Really Vendors?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by jazz1, Dec 4, 2018.

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    I do understand the purpose of "Blocker Apps" and appreciate their functionality. I've recently discovered that when I visit some vendor sites, the page won't load. I'm forced by the site todig into my iPhone or iPad's settings and turn off the various anti-ad and anti-tracking functions. Grovemade is an example of this. Neat products and I want to do business with them.

    If I choose to visit a company's site to browse their wares and/or purchase something it really irritates me that it won't load until I disable anti-tracking apps. Are my blocker apps misbehaving?

    I also visited, on my iMac, a site in order to purchase perfume for my spouse for X-Mas. It insisted I kill my blockers before it would let me check out. Weird huh?

    This is different when I visit a news or information site. I get it, they need ads to survive. Though some of these sites get pretty obnoxious with pop-ups and third party ads blocking their own content.

    My point is if I simply want to buy something why are they tracking visitor information? Don't they glean enough information when I check out, name, address etc? Are these vendor sites selling information about visitors too? I guess I'm just too naive about these things:(
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    Some of it could be related to tracking how you came to their site, if there's some affiliate link that was used or cookie that was set, if you had been there before and what you searched for or looked at (as sometimes based on information like that they even change/adjust prices or some other details of what they offer), etc.
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    I refuse to use any site that demands I turn off my adblocker, before the site will be displayed or used.
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    Yes, I jump right back when the site does that. But it seems to be increasing.
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    Thanks, I never thought of the affiliate aspect.
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    You can also just long press the refresh button in safari and you will get the option to re-load without content blockers (hence no need to go into settings).
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    Thanks, I didn't know you could do that.

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