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  1. bogdanw

    Using hosts to block ads and malware in Catalina

    As Apple restricted extensions' capabilities, an alternative approach might more effective. The hosts file can be used to block acces to defined domains, thus preventig every application from accesing it. By using custom lists of domains, ads and malware can be blocked. GitHub user Dani3lSun...
  2. jazz1

    Blocker App Blocking Vendor/Sales Sites? Really Vendors?

    I do understand the purpose of "Blocker Apps" and appreciate their functionality. I've recently discovered that when I visit some vendor sites, the page won't load. I'm forced by the site todig into my iPhone or iPad's settings and turn off the various anti-ad and anti-tracking functions...
  3. Y

    AdBlocker: Pros & cons of native apps vs browser-based

    Hi, I've been searching for an AdBlocker for Safari and found a nice topic here. Disregarding price aspects, I'm wondering what are the pros and cons of a native app over a safari-based extension? Or do you any good article that explains this thoroughly? Thanks a lot!
  4. Pndrgnsvc

    Do You Have A Good Ad Blocker To Recommend?

    Sorry, posted without first doing my homework.:oops:
  5. StopAd

    Help us to test our new ad blocker for Mac (Youtube, Facebook ads)

    Hi, guys! We're going to launch the ad blocker for Mac, which blocks ads on Youtube, Facebook, and browsers. But we want to test our beta with the real users to hear their feedback about existing and wanted features. For testing, we offer Amazon gift card and 1-year subscription. If you're...