bluetooth ear set/headset for iPhone?


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Dec 27, 2013
any recommendation? for a bluettooth ear set /headset that can be used for iPhone / best to be also compatible with PC. Does bluetooth emit too much radiation? Is it safe? Is all USB bluetooth receiver the same thing, any details difference or difference in standard that I have to pay special attention to ?


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Nov 4, 2014
i am also searching for a nice bluetooth earphone/sport set... i have tried the mpow's available on Amazon for cheap and because the reviews said they had good sound, but these were terrible. they did have a working remote with mic and you could raise/lower volume, but there is absolutely 0 bass. you can compare them to cutting off the ends of a can of soda and sticking your stock earbuds in there - terrible.

the articles online are also discouraging since apparently we are left out without some codec aptx? what does anyone know about this? does this mean all music will suck in an iphone 6s plus with bluetooth headphones or is this some android fanboy garbage?
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