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    Jan 1, 2011
    I'm using a macbook pro, I wanted to install windows xp sp2 on my mac so I started up bootcamp, and began making a partition, my macbook froze so I had to restart. Now the 21 gb of space I was using to make the partition is gone.

    I've read I need to use disk utility, i've tried deleting free space, and fixing disc permissions but none worked. I've also read I need to use a mac os x installation cd and run disk utility from there.

    The problem is my computer came with mac os x preinstalled (snow leopard), I didn't get a os x installer with it, so how can I make a backup cd? And could this be used to restore factory settings? Because I'm thinking of restoring the mac to factory settings.

    Thanks :)
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    Have you tried using the Boot Camt Assistant to remove the Windows partition?

    As for a factory reinstall, you will need the restore disc(s) which came with the computer. Otherwise, a factory Snow Leopard DVD should work, provided it's a later version and build which was installed at the factory.

    To start clean with the HDD, use the Disk Utility (from the Install DVD), and creat a new, single Mac OS Extented (journaled) partition. Make sure to select the GUID partition table (click the "Options..." button while on the Partiton setup tab).

    The extra DVDs which come with the computer are used to reinstall iLIfe,
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    Jan 1, 2011
    Do the restore dvds always come with the computer? I dont think I got any since Mac os x was preinstalled

    How do I use Boot Camp assist to do it?
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    Yes you generally get two grey DVDs with each Mac. These include OS X and the boot camp drivers on disc 1 and Xcode and other optional installs on disc 2.

    EDIT: This is how things are supposed to go:

    gr8fly is suggesting you reinstall OS X completely before you try again.

    Do you have an external HDD you can spare? If so, you could try making a clone of your current OS X partition to the external using CCC or SuperDuper, then restore it back to the internal to clean up any file system issues. (Both CCC and SuperDuper are file level tools so they will not clone any anomalies). If nothing else, note that you should not do anything else without a good backup.


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