British MP Killed In Shooting [No Politics in this thread please]

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by deany, Jun 16, 2016.

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    Please keep this thread as a place for paying respects and free from politics. There is a PRSI discussion in this thread.


    This is extremely sad news about the passing of Jo Cox MP in the UK. It is far too soon after her passing to discuss whether it was politically motivatived.
    Please respect the family and friends at this time and pray for them.

    Jo Cox MP

    22 June 1974 to ∞

    Rest in Peace.
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    I have been following this story since Philip Hammond tweeted his appalled horror at what had happened and wished Jo Cox a speedy recovery, not knowing that her injuries were fatal.

    A brave, decent, hard-working, talented, idealistic, and very principled Labour MP - her maiden speech was very impressive - has been slaughtered - the guy apparently shot, stabbed and kicked her - having just finished holding her weekly constituency surgery in the town.
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    However, it appears that the suspect - who is under arrest - is thought to have both mental health issues and links to far right wing groups. Both features are currently under investigation.

    What has struck me forcibly is the evident - and genuine - warmth from all sides of - and across - the political divide in the tributes paid to Jo Cox.

    For example, the former Development Aid secretary, the Conservative MP, Andrew Mitchell, with whom she co-chaired an all party parliamentary group on Syria (a group which was set up at her suggestion after she had gone - a newly elected Labour MP - to see Mr Mitchell, who described himself both during a TV interview - which I saw last night, - and in the wonderfully warm and affectionate tribute he wrote in the Telegraph as 'a wicked old Tory' - to discuss Syria and the dreadful humanitarian problems it gave rise to, with him, and he suggested that they chair it jointly) wrote a very warm, respectful and affectionate piece about her in the Telegraph.

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