Broken screen and urgent access.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jav6454, Dec 11, 2016.

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    Long story short, aunt broke her iPhone's screen (complete distorted image; think striped screen) and digitizer (touch abilities). As such, the entire display assembly does not work.

    She works as a Insurance agent and has urgent incident report pictures she needs to access. However she never used iTunes to permanently "Trust" her home computer. She always did it manually every time through Windows Explorer. Hence each time she connects the iPhone, the iPhone will request to trust the computer. Using Siri to access settings does not work. VoiceOver does not work as it was not enabled. I can't create a back-up and access picture through there because iTunes won't connect unless the phone is "trusted". TouchID works as we are able to "access" the home screen (I know cause the phone does the lock sound when locked). I did some checks via Find my iPhone and calling that the main board, NAND memory and SoC are functioning.

    Is there any way to get to the pictures? Taking it to the Apple Store is not an option (or mailing it) as she lives outside the US and there are no nearby Apple Stores. As of right now, all I have is replace the screen and digitizer which are not available in her location (she needs like now). Dr. Fone software does not work. I tried iExplore and nothing as well.

    Any thing else I might have missed?
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    Small update:

    I'm also trying via command line in Linux, as the iPhone does show up as gphoto2. So far it does not allow easy access. Any other tips are welcomed.
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    I'm not sure if My Photo Stream is turned on by default on the phone, but try installing iCloud for Windows if it's not already there. Once logged in it would have the last 30 days worth of photos.
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    I would suggest focusing on finding the closest independent repair shop that can replace the screen ... Anything else seems like a long shot.

    Good luck.

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