Broken screen on 2008 MacBook

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Nee412, Jan 10, 2013.

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    Hey I'm still using a 2008 aluminium MacBook. It's served me well, but I've managed to break the screen quite epically and now I'm expecting it to fall apart at any moment. For those wondering it bounced off the bed and hit a side desk on the way down.

    It still works with a few more hard drive noises than before.

    Here's a pic of the damage:


    My questions are basically to do with insurance. I've never claimed anything off Home Insurance before so I'm a little unsure. I know I'm insured for accidents, the laptop is listed on my insurance as a high price item, and I'm a UK resident.

    Firstly will they try and repair it? It has a few dents on top of where the hard drive is from the same drop and it's running slower, which makes me think it's going to die on me.

    Secondly if they replace it is it normal for them to either replace it themselves like for like, or send out a cheque for a new one?
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    In the USA it isn't usually feasible to claim a laptop on homeowner's insurance, as the deductible is usually about $2000 (less than the cost of most new Apple laptops).

    I expect they would probably cover the cost of Apple's flat rate repair service, if it is available in UK to fix that. Otherwise, they would cover the 3rd party cost to replace it.

    That class can be replaced for about $30, but it is a pain in the rear to remove the broken glass without scratching the LCD.
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    Well first off, nobody here can answer your insurance question. Only your insurance agent can. So give them a ring and ask. Every insurance policy is different.

    I live in the US where the insurance industry exists only to screw us, so I would expect them to do nothing for me. Perhaps where you live things are different but personally I wouldn't count on it.

    A 2008 Macbook is not worth a lot, and if you have coverage then I would expect them to recompense you for what it's worth, not with a brand new replacement. Considering the deductible, it's probably cheaper and easier to get it fixed yourself at an independent shop.

    Or perhaps you can sell it for a few hundred. As a clamshell desktop it still has some value, if somebody hooks a monitor and keyboard up to it.

    Hey, the good news is you get a new computer. It was probably time to upgrade anyway.
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    I believe the whole glass needs to come off. However, I believe ifixit only has either the LCD itself or the entire display assembly, not the glass itself. You might find it elsewhere, but on repairability scale, it is a 4/10 (1 being least repairable).

    Also, OUCH!

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