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Aug 8, 2009
Depends what you mean budget. I only know of efi and photogate, but I'm sure there are cheaper options out there.

Agreed - budget is a bit open to interpretation.

Perhaps cheap or free would be more accurate ;-)

Cheapest I have found is 'Shiraz' at £350. Not on my budget; was hoping beyond hope for a online giveaway or something similar that I just missed out on when buying my 3880. They gave away a RIP for the just a few months after my purchase. I was not able to acquire on after the event :-((

I would like to print longer panos than the A2 format will at the moment will allow. 37" is a theoretical max using the epson software. Always wanting more than I have- typical!


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Jan 4, 2015
Key West FL
YUP! Thats it; and damned expensive they are too!

I don't know of an "affordable" RIP.

We use ImagePrint by ColorByte Software at the gallery where I work and I'm very happy with it. It works in two parts, the actual RIP and a companion layout app. We have two server licenses, one on the main PowerMac and one on a Mac Mini, with each driving its own EPSON 9800 printer. We run one copy of the layout app on the PM to build jobs that are then sent to one of the servers. ImagePrint is licenses on a per server basis and allows as many layout apps running on as many machines as you want. Both the server app and the layout app are available for both Mac OSX and Windows and you can mix and match OSs. The downside is the print, which varies based on the printer size. It currently runs roughly $900 USD for 17" printer like the 3880. For our 44" 9800 printers new licenses run ~$2500 USD and the version upgrade is "only" $895.


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Mar 21, 2014
Check out PrintFab 2. Not too expensive for the app, about US$20 for each color profile. Just a thought...
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