Buy new iPod touch now? or wait?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Patrick J, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Patrick J macrumors 65816

    Patrick J

    Mar 12, 2009
    Oporto, Portugal
    Hi all,

    I was considering buying a new iPod touch 2nd gen, as I sold my 1st gen one 7 months ago and I am kind of missing it.

    Is it worth buying one now? I checked the MacRumors buyer's guide and it said that there was a refresh coming soon.
    When is soon? When are the new iPods supposed to be announced? I thought they were refreshed in September, which in my books is not very soon.

  2. pavinder macrumors member

    Jan 16, 2009
    Of course nobody knows when the next update will come nor what it will include, although this thread has plenty of speculation.

    To be frank, many of the new speculated additions aren't important to me, I couldn't care less about having a camera for example. But other new features might be really useful, as obviously would be a 64GB version.

    I'm also in that undecided bracket, my choice compounded by the fact that I am about to buy a new iMac and there's a cashback offer (equivalent to the value of an 8GB Nano) on ipods bought at the same time.

    The dilemma is whether to
    a) get the free 8GB Nano and sell it whenever the new Touch comes out for some cash towards the new Touch, or
    b) to use the cashback offer as part-payment for the current model Touch.

    As with buying any technology, it's just an issue of accepting if one buys now there might always be some disappointment when the next updates come.
  3. ziggyonice macrumors 68020


    Mar 12, 2006
    Rural America
    Apple often refreshes the iPod product line in September. If you get a new touch, you'll love it either way. Regardless of when it comes out.
  4. Patrick J thread starter macrumors 65816

    Patrick J

    Mar 12, 2009
    Oporto, Portugal
    As its still a while till there supposedly is an iPod refresh, I think I'll take the opportunity and get my new touch. All it needs is good care - I can sell it IF I want the new 3g when/if it comes out :cool:

    Camera doesn't matter to me, as my phone will almost definately beat any camera that :apple: brings out on the touch.
    GPS would be handy, but its hardly worth waiting 4+ months for that one feature.

    Thanks for all your help:)
  5. WickedFall macrumors newbie

    Oct 23, 2008
    Yea, might as well get it and enjoy it throughout the summer rather than waiting for the refresh. The summer is the best time to own one anyways.
  6. xxbrankxx macrumors member

    Jun 27, 2008
    Philadelphia, PA
    I really wanna get one now but I really would like more capacity cause 32GB isn't gonna cut it for me. And they say probably September for a refresh? Great, I'm going to St. Thomas right near the end of August and really could use it for the very long plane ride... I guess I'm sticking with my old 80GB iPod Video until then...
  7. alexnikle macrumors newbie


    Apr 10, 2009
    yeah, think about it. you can enjoy your iPod in the summer sunshine, and it is really cool, right? lol. if i were you, i will buy it at once!
  8. SnowLeopard2008 macrumors 604


    Jul 4, 2008
    Silicon Valley
    To OP, I think you should just buy it now. It's a great device and I'm jealous of all my friends who recently bought iPod touches. They bought them while I was selling mine to a friend. Anyway my solution was that I'd just end up buying the iPhone 4G? or whatever Apple names the new iPhone. It's sure to have everything the new iPod touch has and more.

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