Buying a new rMBP! Please Help Me Choose

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by peterlptl, Mar 21, 2013.

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    Hey guys, I need some fair opinions.
    I try to upgrade my laptop from CMBP to RMBP, but I've heard the problem of the retina display image retention, which makes me very scare.
    I intend to buy the high-end 15' RMBP with 768GB SSD, so it will be a hefty investment. My current one was bought in 2011 with high-res screen, but I really like the retina one.
    So my questions are:
    1. What is the probability of getting a defective display one? It the probability high to get the Samsung one?
    2. Should I wait for Apple to introduce in June (maybe? I'm just guessing here)?
    Thanks everybody very much here for leaving a fair and modest comment to help me out.
    I really appreciate.
  2. jav6454 macrumors P6


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    My recommendation? Don't get one. Wait for the 2nd generation. Right now, all first gen Retina users are just Beta Testers.
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    The majority of Retina owners have no issue, including my own Mid 2012 Retina. Things with forums in general is people mostly come to solve issue, in some case complain, and a minority just to whine about hardware they have little or no experience with, barring ten minutes hands on at "BestBuy" which is clearly the case with some posts. This is the very nature of forums, on the polls here 80% - 90% are satisfied with Retina MBP, it`s the same every time Apple release a major revision; You can perform the same Google search for any given year the MBP has been in production and come up with a myriad of negative results;

    2012 Macbook Pro issues

    2011 MacBook Pro issues

    2010 MacBook Pro issues

    2009 MacBook Pro issues

    2008 MacBook Pro Issues

    2007 MacBook Pro issues

    2006 MacBook Pro issues

    So employing this logic, "one should never buy a Mac" on forums such as MacRumors, those with issue, those that believe they have been aggrieved and the "Haters" will always generate the most traffic for nothing more than their own personal motives. My own 2.3 Retina runs significantly cooler than my Late 2011 2.4 i7 15" MBP sat right next to it on the same desk, no loss in frame rate, no throttling at all, is quieter, to all intents and purposes the better machine by a fair margin.

    What I do see as a loose observation year after year is that those who don't actually own the latest release tend to make the most noise, more so than ever with Retina. Apple`s hardware is not perfect, equally it`s not the tragedy that some paint it out to be year on year. If you don't like what Apple produces don't buy it, if you have genuine issue speak with Apple directly, it`s no more complex than that, and a little less drama would be good.

    Prior to Retina i always used to go with the "high end" option on 15" MBP`s now i defer to the base model; the performance difference is minimal and unless you can monetize the additional cost realistically it`s not really worth it. Even the base model 15" Retina is now so powerful that for the vast majority of users it`s more than enough performance. I have now shortened my usage cycle, the base model is easier to move on at the lowest loss.

    Storage is always a concern, high capacity SSD`s are still pricy, now with the inclusion of USB 3, the multitude of small fast high capacity drives allow for as much data on the go as you need. I typically travel with two 15" MBP, 3Tb of data and backup drives.

    Buy it when you want or need it, Retina is just the next evolution of the MBP line...
  5. jmdMac, Mar 22, 2013
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    Your questions/concerns are not at all unique. There have been hundreds of threads of this exact same topic.

    If you need one now(or before the new release for that matter), buy one.
    If not, wait.

    Otherwise refer to: for your answers.

    Good luck!
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  7. maratus macrumors 6502a


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    Instead of waiting, get one now and replace it with second gen if it's improved in important areas. Otherwise you'll wait forever.
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    Do you need a new machine?

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