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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by OldCorpse, Dec 10, 2016.

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    If I buy FCPX soon - it will be version 10.3.1 - which is a bit buggy (from the reviews), but I guess will soon be fixed.

    So my question is: if I buy now - 10.3.1 - how long is that good for? I mean, I would think all the minor updates throughout 10.3.x should be covered, but what happens when it hits 10.4? Will I have to shell out another $300 for 10.4? Will there be like a discount for an upgrade, so maybe like $150? Or will 10.4 be a free upgrade for anyone who bought 10.3?

    I don't know the history of FCPX as far as buying goes - if you bought it when it first came out, when did you have to pay to upgrade?

    Basically, I'm trying to figure out how long I'm good for if I buy now - it would be a bummer if I had to shell out again soon after buying...

    Thanks in advance!
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    To my knowledge there has never been an upgrade charge for any version of FCPX. The first people who bought it in 2011 have received all 20 updates since then for free:

    Of course there is no guarantee for the future but for the past five years all FCPX updates have been free.

    Re 10.3.1 being buggy, I use it on large production jobs and it seems mostly OK. There are a few little items but I'm sure those will be fixed quickly.
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    Thanks, joema2, that's good to know! I see Apple is very smart. Because I am totally willing to pay $300 - (and we all remember when NLE software cost and arm and a leg, and even FCP would set you back $1K before all the other stuff like plugins you had to buy).

    And if I get to use this for a few years without having to pay more, that's so totallly worth it - I mean $300, is like what, about 18 months of Premiere Pro CC (about $20/month these days). So if Apple doesn't make me pay more than $300 over the next couple of years, I'm actually ahead compared to Adobe CC!
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    Aug 18, 2014
    Definitely recommendFCPX. All updates so far have been free and it is a great program.
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    I understand that FCP has a history of free updates, but that has not been the case with Logic Pro, Apple's Professional app for audio editing. I bought Logic Pro 9 from the App Store back around 2012, and within about a year they came out with Logic Pro X which was not a free upgrade and needed to be purchased at full price.

    So you never know… ;)

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