Buying the Parents a Wii for Christmas - Recommend Any Games?


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Aug 9, 2006
Boston, MA
Hey all,

For Christimas, I am buying my parents a Wii. They are in their mid 50s, my Dad is a Marine Biologist and enjoys fishing, my Mom is a piano teacher who (obviously) loves music.

So, keeping the age group and interests in mind, does anyone have any recommendations for fun games to buy my parents? I was definitely thinking of getting a fishing game for my Dad, is there a standard fishing game that has the best mechanics? For Mom, I want to get her some sort of singing game that would have music that appeals to her and her friends.

I am open to any recommendations - my parents have been really good to me the past year and I really want to give them a great gift for all their support and hard work!



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Oct 15, 2009
Western Kentucky
Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort are must buys.

If you dad is a marine Biologist then you have to get Endless Ocean It was $20 bucks the last time I looked.

If they are Golfers then Tiger Woods 10 with Motion plus is the BEst Golfing game on any Console.

And one of my personal favorite games for Wii. Boom Blox and it's sequel Boom Blox Bash Party

Oh and World of Goo available on Wii Ware.
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