iPod touch Can Anyone Point me to IOS 3.0 Download links?


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Jul 25, 2017
So i typically hate writing to forums but as a last resort I had to come here because of hope i could downgrade to 2.2.1 but to do that i need to take a ladder of sorts to get down to 2.2.1. i have to go from 4.2.1 --> 3.1.3 --> 3.0 --> 2.2.1 --> 2.2 -->1.1.5 using 4 different iTunes versions.
3.0 is the only firmware i can't find for my iPod touch second gen.
If anyone can point me to a link or has maybe a backup copy in some sort of cloud storage that would be very much appreciated.


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May 1, 2011
SF Bay Area
My work computer won't let me post the more exotic sites but if you just google the filename you should find it pretty easily.
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