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Mar 10, 2021
So my iphone xs max ran out of storage and it is stuck on the apple logo trying to boot. I do not have a backup, and updating via itunes to IOS 14 will probably fail and I'll lose all my data.
I heard about this software called 3uTools which could reinstall the current ios version (13.1.2 in my case)
This ios version is no longer signed by apple, will it have to be signed again if I flash using 3utools or not? If so, can I backup the phone after I flash WITHOUT signing to apple? If not, is there any way I could get my shsh blobs if I put the phone in DFU or recovery mode?

Before someone asks why I don't just update to IOS 14, my phone is in a boot loop because it completely ran out of storage. IOS 14 takes more space than the ios currently running (13.1.2), and if I try to update it'll definitely fail and i'll lose all my data.
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