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ios 13

  1. Y

    update iOS 13.5 to 14.3 11 Pro Max with SHSH Blobs

    Hey all, I've been doing some googling and this is the first time I'm looking into going all the way with using SHSH blobs to update my iOS. I've got an iPhone 11 Pro Max running iOS 13.5, and I want to update to iOS 14.3 to take advantage of Unc0ver's iOS 14 Jailbreak. I know that iOS 14.3...
  2. S

    Can I reinstall my current version of IOS to fix a boot loop? using 3utools because my version is no longer signed by apple?

    So my iphone xs max ran out of storage and it is stuck on the apple logo trying to boot. I do not have a backup, and updating via itunes to IOS 14 will probably fail and I'll lose all my data. I heard about this software called 3uTools which could reinstall the current ios version (13.1.2 in my...
  3. techsavvy01

    iPad iOS 13 to iOS 10 downgrade simplest method : - |

    simplest method to downgrade ios 13 to ios 10 ? : - | i know ill be at security risk although as idiots say even if ya are at latest security software ya can still be at risk : - | my older apps worked on ios 10 : - |
  4. H

    Anyone noticed the batter indicator in ios 14 and 13 isn't very accurate?

    I first noticed this over a year ago. I'd come back home after having used mobile data all day. The battery indicator would be on the same value as it was when I left the house. Coming back in and reconnecting to wifi, it would drop 8-16%. This went on for a few months, then randomly stopped...
  5. R

    iPad Pro Music displaying blurry/low-res art tiles in music library iPad having issue for 4 YEARS HELP

    all across my Music library ALL music art tiles, playlist art tiles, and artists pictures, are showing very low-res images (as shown in photos). Unless I go into the album then it will display high-res images again. And for playlist the main picture for the cover of the playlist will be...
  6. P

    iPhone Apple News New Yorker

    I’ve had a bit of a problem with Apple News+ restricting The New Yorker on my iPhone. (iOS 13.6) While other magazines and news outlets provide an option to sign in to a specific subscription and bypass the News+ restriction, there is no such option for The New Yorker, of which I am a...
  7. A

    iPhone iOS 13.5.1 iPhone stutters while scrolling

    Hello. I’m currently using an iPhone 11 Pro Max and I realised that my iPhone stutters while scrolling through home page, apps (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and also the videos on YouTube seems to be played with low frame rate even at 1080p60fps. Is anyone experiencing the same thing?
  8. U

    iPhone Phone call history from Phone app on iPhone are not syncing to FaceTime app on MacBook.

    Phone call history from Phone app on iPhone are not syncing to FaceTime app on MacBook. This occurs even though both devices are using same iCloud ID and are continuously connected to Internet. Phone call history from Phone app on iPhone are not syncing to FaceTime app on MacBook. The reverse...
  9. N

    Siri draining my battery overnight

    iPhone 11 drain overnight . No app running . WiFi off cellular off phone capacity 100 iPhone bought less than a month . iOS up to date
  10. H

    iPhone Battery Usage graph and logs wiped after charging.

    After charging my phone today and turning it off and on, upon looking at the battery usage statistics, everything before turning it back on has been wiped. I can now only view the last 24 hours, which is the last hour in my case as it's only just charged. Has anyone else experienced this? On iOS 13
  11. T

    iPhone 2 iPhone icon on Audio?

    Hi, my iPhone 11 Pro always showing this 2 iPhone icon on the Audio under AirPlay. My another iPhone doesn’t have this. Both using same wifi connection but I don’t think it’s related. When I click the other iPhone icon, the 1st one will disappear. Please see the photo attached. Anyone knows...
  12. J

    iPhone Is my phone rooted/jailbroken by ex?

    I have been issues with my Iphone XR. My ex has previously used whatever means to access phones and devices. This is my 9th phone in 3 years. He has never had physical access to this one. My phone has been acting up, however. One odd thing I have noticed is in an OTA update in which the...
  13. M

    iPhone How to watch YouTube videos and have a voice call at the same time?

    Hey all, when having a voice call on my iPhone (iOS 13.2) I can watch a YouTube/Netflix video at the same time and will be able to hear both audios (voice call and video). However, I figured out that for my friend this doesn't work on his iPhone (iOS 13.4). When we are having a call and he...
  14. R

    iPhone Album artwork vanishes from iphone

    I have album artwork for my entire music library (on my mac). When I sync this library to my iPhone 7 Plus, artwork gets copied to the music library on the phone. However during the day, the artwork goes missing from the phone. When I sync again, some of the albums will have the artwork but most...
  15. Stuey3D

    iPhone Carplay Dashboard: Did I imagine this feature as I've not seen it working yet?

    With iOS 13.4 finally allowing 3rd party maps to be used in the Carplay Dashboard window it got me thinking I'm sure when Apple announced Carplay dashboard they said that the headunit would be able to feed data back to Carplay to update the now playing tab. I was under the impression that if...
  16. S

    iPhone Still having issues with Mail.

    Many people had reposted similar problems with Mail on iPhone. However even with the latest iOS updates my problems still persist. Listing them here: 1) When viewing new mail and clicking the down arrow to get to the next new email, it shows each email twice. They are not listed twice in the...
  17. B

    iPhone Why does Apple have software development issues?

    iOS 13, Catalina... Thos year has not been a good year for software quality at Apple. Can anyone more qualified then I shed some light on what's happening at Apple with their software development and why they seem to have the issues that they do? As an outsider looking in, much of their...
  18. S

    iPhone X touch screen intermittently stops responding

    New issue where the touch screen on my iPhone X randomly stops responding. Here's the details: It seems to only happen sometimes (but not every time) I pull the phone out of my pocket. It doesn't seem to happen if it is lying on a table, etc. Normally if the phone is locked (screen off) I can...
  19. S

    iPhone App Store gave me downgraded Minecraft version

    For some reason, I installed Minecraft on my new iPhone 11 and the icon looks weird. It has the "PE" in the title too. Then I opened Minecraft and it gave me a primitive version of it! What do I do?
  20. nick_iphone7

    iPhone I need help about iOS 13.3

    Hello. I want to find out if iOS 13.3 fixed the problem with the blurry images in the gallery (I notice a slight blurring when looking at them, but when the quality shifts and they become distinct) and the problem of changing the background, when changing the background, it becomes somewhat...