Can I 'wake' my imac from sleep mode from a Remote Location ?


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Jan 12, 2014
I currently Remote Connect to my imac at home while I am at the office.
I use a PC at work with Uvnc (Ultra-VNC software) to log on remotely to my iMac at home.
My imac is already set up for remote access.

i cant find a way to WAKE UP my imac at home if it has gone into sleep mode.

I know I can leave it POWERED ON 24/7, but really I would prefer to let it sleep (to stop it over-heating) and then I want to Wake it UP remotely.

is there any way I can do this ?



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May 1, 2012
This started for me over a year ago. Once it goes to sleep, it can't be woke up remotely. I've had to set the iMac to never go to sleep if I want to remotely access it.


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Jul 30, 2010
Wake on Lan (WoL) is what you want and can be called over the Internet if you set up rules into your network. I do this for a PC and use an iOS app to wake it up and rdp to it.

Mac's support WoL however OSX has been known to have problems for people to get it work correctly over the years/versions. I've never tried myself.


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May 1, 2012
I have 'Wake on network access' or whatever the exact term is enabled on my iMac. I have WOL port-forwarded from my router to the iMac. I've tried an Ethernet connection (normally use WiFi). I've done a myriad of various "fixes" posted by others.

The only solution is still the same: Set the machine to NEVER go to sleep.


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Oct 25, 2010
when you get home does it wake if you hit a key on the keyboard (e.g. press Spacebar)

if you really really want to do it, rather than just go with simple option of preventing the mac from sleeping, then you could always do something funky with a little nodeMCU WiFi board and an Arduino Pro Micro

1 setup the nodeMCU to take a trigger accross the net and toggle one of its pins on and off

2 program the Pro Micro to act as a USB keyboard (with Spacebar its only key)

3 set the Pro Micro up so that any time it receives a signal on its Pin 5, it sends a space bar keystroke to the mac its plugged into

connect the internet controlled output pin on the node MCU to pin 5 on the pro Micro, plug the NodeMCU into a USB charger, plug the ProMicro into one of the imacs USB ports

Trigger the node mcu accross the web, the proMicro sends a spacebar keypress to the mac its plugged into and the mac wakes up.

Cost around 10 or 12 uk pounds Ridiculously complicated and easy peasy at the same time :)
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Nov 11, 2015
Yes WoL works with this little hack, i use it reliably with teamviewer.
Only issue for me, that i still haven't figured out is, it sometimes just wakes up by itself or wakes up if i get an imessage.

So use at your own risk:

sudo nvram boot-args="darkwake=0"

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