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  1. purdnost

    Remove an Apple TV from Remote in Control Center?

    I did a factory reset on an older Apple TV, but it still shows up in the drop-down of Apple TVs from “Choose a TV” in the remote function in Control Center. Is there a way to remove this?
  2. Rychiar

    New Apple TV Remote Mute Button…

    Who asked for this stupid mute button… and right in the same place where you’ve been trained to press play/pause all these years… so annoying… if I wanted the sound to stop I’d hit pause… I can think of far more useful buttons if they were gonna add stuff….
  3. GoztepeEge

    Remotely connect/control a Macbook from an iPhone

    Hi all! Today I had a moment when I needed to connect and control something on my Macbook, which was operating and connected to the internet at my home. Is there any way to connect a mac remotely from an iPhone, which are in the same iCloud account (both are my devices), and to control...
  4. A

    Best LAN remote desktop for multiple Macs and muliple monitors?

    Hi all, At present at home I have an old Retina iMac that is my main machine - it has a Thunderbolt Display attached as a second monitor. I also have an M1 Mac Mini on the same desk - with an ethernet cable in between them. The Mini has a ghost hdmi apapter to simulate a monitor. I’ve been...
  5. D

    New ATV remote delay

    Every time I boot the ATV up the volume/back buttons are always lagging/delayed slightly. Only a restart or re-pairing (hold volume up + back button) fixes it. It happens 100% of the time on initial power on. Tried resets, hdmi cords etc. Is this common with os 15? Seemed to happen after updating.
  6. R

    Apple TV 4k 2021 remote buttons unresponsive requiring power cycle

    I am having 2 issues with the ATV 4k 2021. About 10% of the time when I turn the ATV on with the remote the scroll/touch wheel works, but none of the buttons work. The only way to fix it is to unplug the ATV and it starts working again. The other issue is that the HDMI CEC randomly stops...
  7. A

    Mac showing "Update" & remote disc listed under devices in Finder

    ust downgraded from big Sur to high Sierra and now in the finder menu it is showing Remote Disc and Update I have attached a image , is this normal ???
  8. purdnost

    Can Apple TV Remote Be Programmed to Skip Forward/backward 10 Seconds in YouTube App?

    The Apple TV control center app in iOS/iPadOS has buttons to skip forward or go backward 10 seconds, which I use all the time when watching YouTube. When clicking the direction wheel on the new Apple TV remote, it doesn't do that. Curious if there is a way to achieve this.
  9. S

    Apple Remote Desktop

    Does Apple Remote Desktop allow connections to Mac-Mini-M1's outside! of the same network with login screen access (no monitor connected)? (aka. does it work like teamviewer)? (one time payment of 80usd sounds better to me than 30usd for teamviewer every month)
  10. Bevan

    Remote IR Plate Misaligned on Apple TV 4K (2021)

    It’s hard to see from the picture below but if you run your finger up the top left of the remote you can feel the black plate is hanging off just a little. If you run your finger down the top right in the remote you can feel that the plate isn’t flush with the body of the remote. And that their...
  11. JoeTechnical

    Weird pressure point on my new Apple TV remote

    Hey guys, I just got a second Apple TV 4K for my bedroom tv and I already have an Apple TV 4K in my living room for almost a year now. While the old Apple TV remote gots a perfectly fine pressure point on all buttons, the new remote’s pressure point feels very weird - especially the menu and the...
  12. Z

    a remote interview

    How would a designer present his keynote portfolio, if he had to have an interview for work and due to the Covid issue, he could only had to present it remotely?
  13. PinkyMacGodess

    Home Looking for 'the best' integrated remote control...

    I've got the Harmony Hub from Logitech, and it works 'most of the time'. Occasionally, something doesn't work well, and everything has to be power cycled, but for the most part it seems to be working. EXCEPT it seems to love, out of the blue, to turn on both the U-Verse box, and the Blu-ray...
  14. I

    Keynote links issues while using remote

    Hey I have a presentation build mainly on videos and links which I placed above the videos. I want to use my iPhone to control the presentation. for some reason when the presentation reaches a slate that has a transition set to the end of it with a delay, I can't press the links that I placed...
  15. tomyun

    Volume change problem with iPhone after 12.3

    I used to control Apple TV volume by pressing physical buttons on the side of iPhone with remote widget open up on its control panel. After recent update to iOS/tvOS 12.3, however, it no longer seems to work stable, but instead only works one time when the remote is connected to the TV, then...
  16. W

    1st Gen Apple TV as slideshow server

    Kinda a weird one... I have a 160GB 1st gen Apple TV that I have plugged into a Cinema Display. I want to use the display as a photo frame. I would love to be able to load photos onto the Apple TV's hard drive remotely and have it play them as a slideshow or screensaver. With the latest...
  17. SazzaF

    iPad Pro Keynote app crashes on iPad when using Remote

    I just installed the latest app version on iPad and MBP and now I can't use my iPad to control a keynote presentation. After a few slides the app shuts down on the iPad and restarting it takes ages to get back to where I was. I have tried removing the app from my iPad, shutting down...
  18. lukewarm74

    Apple TV Remotes No Longer Work as of 4/2

    My wife and I noticed that our Apple TV remote was no longer working this morning. We tried charging it, but it didn't help, and the Apple TV didn't report that it was charging (on screen). We didn't think much of it, but figured a hardware issue must've come up with it. A few hours later, we...
  19. Killerbob

    Good IR for 2018 Mac Mini

    Today I finally upgraded my Mac Mini to the new 2018 version. I have used a Mac Mini as entertainment center connected to my TV for years, and amongst other things, I run Kodi on it. I control Kodi, and the rest of my entertainment setup, using a Logitech Harmony remote... So, imagine my...
  20. SoCalGadgetGuy

    Drone Pilot Watch Face

    For my fellow FAA remote pilot friends with smart watches. Do you have a specific complication configuration for when flying? Here's mine...