Can Time Capsule HDD be upgrade?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by jav6454, Mar 16, 2009.

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    Basically what the title says. My brother is going to join me in college soon and I haven't bought a wireless router cause I use my MacBook with the ethernet plugged in on the desk or when I need mobility I go through tethering thru my iPhone.

    I told him we would need to buy the device and its ok. However, given the fact that he is coming around August it'll be sometime around for Apple to increase TC's HDD and I'd hate to buy the 1TB to find they just updated a few days to a 2TB drive. We need as much space as possible since its two Macs with lots of data and media in them.

    I purchased a year ago a 1TB external drive to use as a outlet to my then usable HP 80GB HDD laptop, now this drive is a useful Time Machine drive. Also, I plan to hook this up to the Time Capsule to add even more space to it.

    So back to my question, will I be able to update the drive myself or is very hard and not recommended due to hardware?

    tl;dr - What the title asks....
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    Technically, the HD inside can be upgraded, however it is not very practical. Your better solution is to simply buy an external HD, attach it to the USB port, then use it as the TM destination.


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