Can't move around files on my external hard drive

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by apple899, Feb 28, 2016.

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    Feb 28, 2016

    I'm sure there is something I am not doing right but not sure what exactly...
    I have no problem moving files (i.e. copying) from my Mac desktop to my LaCie external hard drive, but once they are on the external hard drive, I cannot move them around on the finder screen for the external hard drive.

    For example, I want to group files on my external hard drive into a new folder. I can create a new folder with no problem, but I cannot move the files into the new folder. The files simply do not budge when I select and try and move them with my cursor.

    Is this normal? is this the case for all external hard drives? I am not used to using the device, so I appreciate any advice.

  2. MrAverigeUser, Feb 28, 2016
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    May 20, 2015

    Just one idea:

    Is it possible that the disk or the files on the disk are a sort of protected?
    In this case you can perhaps add data and files, create new files and folders - but you cannot change, delete or change the order of the files nor the folders ...
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    Feb 28, 2016
    Thanks for the response.
    Do you know how I can check if the files are protected? I definitely didn't mean to protect them if they are.
    actually I doubt if it's a protection issue because I can't even move the empty new folder. Unless the new folders become protected as a default because of a setting i have???
  4. Analog Kid macrumors 601

    Analog Kid

    Mar 4, 2003
    I haven't seen this happen before...

    Do they move when you drag them, and then snap back when you let go? The files should always move, I think, but if you don't have permissions then the OS should prevent you from doing certain things by either snapping the files back, or bringing up a dialog asking for you to authenticate.

    If you select a file and hit Cmd-I, you can see the permissions and whether the file is locked.

    Is the external drive fomatted for Mac or another file system? If it's a read only file system, there might be other restrictions I'm not familiar with-- but if you're copying to it it's not read only...

    Can you drag a file back to your desktop?

    Does a reboot clear it up?
  5. apple899 thread starter macrumors newbie


    Feb 28, 2016
    Yes, problem solved! Reboot did work, thanks. Should've tried it before posting!
  6. Analog Kid macrumors 601

    Analog Kid

    Mar 4, 2003
    No problem. In truth, you shouldn't have had to reboot at all. Glad you're up and running again though.

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