1. C

    iPad Pro - how to delete files to free storage

    So, I worked some files on LumaFusion, and added them on iCloud storage. Those files remain on my iPad as well, without the option like OneDrive to unload them locally. I thought when adding more files would remove some others to make space, just like Photos. This doesn't happens, and I am...
  2. mcandre

    ARM reference manual poisons PDF reader

    Hi, When I try to read the ARM reference manual PDF, then the Files app permanently corrupts. Anyone else experience this? The Files app shows a blank document with a Done button. Pressing Done toggles the button text to "Cancel", but...
  3. alex_free

    MD5VS - Verify MD5SUMs Of All Files In A Directory Recursively

    This was something I put together as a small side project. Some modern file systems checksum the files in them to verify their integrity, I wanted something similar for my my main server, the Mac mini G4. So here’s what I did: MD5VS makes it easy to verify...
  4. M

    iPad Pro Ipad Pro - Weird Behavior Files Disappearing or Duplicating!

    iPad Pro 2018 - Weird Behavior Files Disappearing or Duplicating! Hi, As the title says I have an iPad Pro 12.9" 2018 model with 1tb memory, Mostly I use it for reading eBooks via the excellent app PocketBook Reader Also for video & audio with vlc therefore I copied lots of files to the...
  5. TheNameSolo

    System Storage - Takes FOREVER to Calculate!

    Is there a way around to speed up the storage system calculate faster? I’ve tried cleaning up files and throwing them away, but still nothing makes the calculating go faster! I think I am giving up on this, unless someone can help...
  6. robertcoogan

    Renaming files sequentially with Automator

    I need to rename files sequentially in a series of folders. So each group of files within each individual folder should read... [folder a] FILE_01 FILE_02 FILE_03 ...and so on. Automator does a great job as long as I add the contents of each folder one at a time. I would like to add all of the...
  7. IamOMan

    Orphaned Files. Where to find and recover them.

    So I was cleaning and deleted some important video files thinking they were some others I also cleaned my trash can. 🤦‍♂️ So I tried out a recovery software and found them under "Orphans" and subfolders of "temp228033" and many others. I can not afford the pro version of this software to recover...
  8. blizzforte

    iPad Documents app by Readdle Privacy

    Hi, when you want to connect you PC with Documents, you have to enter a code. I want to know if the connection is private or if Readdle can see the files transfered or even the whole PC and all the files while connected and transfering files. How private is the app and the connection to a PC?
  9. N

    Universal Gallery view for iCloud Drive files app

    I’m looking for an app that can let me browse my iCloud Drive files in a gallery/grid view similar to the Photos app? I like to keep my drawing reference photos on iCloud Drive so I can put them into folders and use tags to better organize them. It would be awesome if the Files app had a gallery...
  10. PintooChugalkhor

    Deleted items keep reappearing in recently deleted folder

    Hi Guys, From past week I have been noticing that everytime I delete something, it takes quite some time to appear in recently deleted items on my iPhone 11 (14.3), this is one problem. Another problem is Once an item appears in the recently deleted folder and delete it. It's gone, just like it...
  11. agraden

    How to find files created after a specific date?

    Hi all, I want to restore my Mac to my last Time Machine backup of Catalina. I'm currently on Big Sur and don't want to lose any new data since upgrading. Is there a way I can view every file I've created, downloaded, saved etc. after a specific date (that date being after upgrading to Big Sur)...
  12. blizzforte

    How to move folders from PC to iPad Pro without Wifi?

    I would like to transfer folder with files inside of them without using Wifi, just USB-C. I tried iTunes, but there it only moves files from single folders to the Photos app. You can't make folder structures and the process is very, very slow, compared to normal moving from let's say a HDD to...
  13. Andre76

    Hidden files after Big Sur downgrade

    I had to downgrade back to Catalina from Big Sur. I formatted my HD and installed Catalina from a bootable flash drive. After installation I only had about 20 GB of free space on my HD, more than 200 GB was taken up as hidden 'other' files. I tried formatting the HD again and installing Catalina...
  14. Z

    how does timeMachine work?

    The folders that the Time Machine backup creates, consists of folders named with the dates that the backup is created. What are the differences between those folders? Are they the same plus the extra files that have been added? I mean, if i copy/paste (do it manually) the last folder of the...
  15. purdnost

    iCloud: Photos Vs. Files for Long-Term Storage?

    I use the Photos app to sync media across all my devices, but I don’t want to use it as for long-term storage. Every year, I move all of my media from my devices to local hard drive storage backups, but I would also like to have the convenience of accessibility. I’m interested in using the...
  16. N

    need battery replacement, help with backing up various files

    Hi All. I have a battery replacement scheduled for an iPhone 8 and need some clarification on backing up and making certain I have a copy of my stuff. I completed a backup through iTunes to my PC. I understand it’s encrypted so I just can’t pull a single file or note from it. I want to know if...
  17. A

    iPhone 8(+) Please tell me what really contains in iPhone Files app

    Hi, My iPhone Files app showing 2.77 Gb of data in 'iPhone storage' section, but I have only some word documents & pdf(just 80 Mb for sure) saved to 'On My iPhone' section of Files app. So anyone please tell me what could be this remaining almost 2Gb of data which I'm not aware of also which I...
  18. R

    Can anyone help me get past the -36 Error?

    I have these old DVD-R discs. (I know, doesn't this subject make you wanna roll your eyes already?) They have quicktime/.mov files burned to them. They're not playable dvds with menus on them. They're data dvds. My 2017 iMac obviously doesn't have a disc drive so I'm connecting my external Lacie...
  19. Z

    cloning my iMac

    When going for long term holidays, i want to have all of my files with me, so i can continue doing work from there. But im not talking about remotely connecting to my home computer, nor carrying the 27"iMac with me. I guess i could just get a MacBookPro and connect it to some display and have...
  20. Donka

    Files app improvements?

    Has anyone noticed any Files app improvements? It badly needs a progress bar as well as improved reliability for file transfers. I’m not currently on iPadOS 14 so looking for any input.