Changed Wordpress Theme, Now Confused

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by macjram, Jul 1, 2009.

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    You must mean the icon in your browser, because there is no similar icon on either web page via HTML. If so, the image comes from a file named favicon.ico, CSS has nothing to do with it.

    favicon.ico is an icon in a special format that browsers recognize and display for their associated location bar/tab/bookmarks. You have two different images in two places, one in the document root (the HF) the other in the sub-folder called wp (the T1). To fix simply put the correct file in the document root and remove all others in all sub-folders. Otherwise, any others in sub-folders will override the one in the document root, as you experienced. Having multiple icons under one domain can confuse users, so only using one in your document root is a suggested practice and helps to properly brand your entire site.

    Please bear in mind old versions of MSIE (<=6.0) locally cache the icon, so for some users they won't see the change right away, only when they dump their browser cache or re-bookmark. Newer versions of browsers are fine.

    If you wish to create your own new favicon.ico, use this utility.


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