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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Newmacer2, May 28, 2016.

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    I'm about to pull my hair out. I needed to change my email address because I no longer use the previous one. Sounds simple, but it has been a nightmare. I made the change on my iMac, then the trouble started. I've been messing with this for three days, doing what it tells me to do and my address still isn't changed and all sorts of messages are coming in telling me I need to do this, do that, and so on. It has screwed up my iPhone, iPad and iMac. If I wanted to order something from Apple I couldn't do it. Nothing I try works. My old email is still listed. Please help!
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    I'd suggest logging into your Apple ID online and amend the email address their. Once done, from ALL your devices, log into the iTunes shop. Doing so will cause two things.
    1. choice to enter the new email address
    2. then you'd be forced to enter the three digits on the back of the credit card on your iTunes account.

    I say this, because I've been there, done that...
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    Log out from and then back in to iCloud on each of your devices, one at a time.
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    Also use the Apple site: My Apple ID login in and setup a email alias to use!
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    Thank everyone so much. I've never had such a frustrating time in my life. I think it's finally fixed (fingers crossed). Trouble is I tried so many things at different times, I don't know which one did it. Thanks again.
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    Totally had this happen with my wife about a year ago when she changed her email. We both learned a hard lesson: sign out of your devices when you change your Apple ID information. That way you won't get an authentication error asking you to log in to iCloud before you can sign out. Glad to hear you got it fixed!
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    Make an appointment with the Genius at the nearest Apple Store.

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