Charging iPod from keyboard USB port

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Nobita, Feb 14, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    All this time I thought I couldn't charge my iPod through USB keyboard, but I tried that this morning and it works. My iPod is iPod touch 2nd gen and my machine is macbook aluminum (using it in clamshell mode with external wired Apple keyboard). Official documentation from apple said that I shouldn't be able to do this. Does it work with your keyboard as well?
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    Not even my shuffle would charge with the keyboard.
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    It all depends on the keyboard. Old keyboards only provided 100 milliAmpere x 5 Volt = 0.5 Watt of power on the USB port; enough for any USB device that has its own power, but not to provide power to them. Newer keyboards provide 500 milliAmpere x 5 Volt = 2.5 Watt; that's enough to charge an iPod.
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    So this keyboard is from iMac I bought early last year (the one without number pad), so it means all the keyboards after that should be able to charge?

    P.S. My battery is full now. I guess it might be a little bit slower than the usual USB port...
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    It depends on the power levels at every stage of the USB chain. My nanos charge from the USB keyboard that came with my iMac. However, both the iMac's and keyboard's USB are relatively high-powered, so my nanos charge rather quickly.

    Then again, you've got a MacBook, which is designed around low power usage and extending battery life, like most notebooks*. Its USB ports are probably low-powered.

    * The MacBook Air is a notable exception; its single USB port's power output exceeds the USB specifications, for the express purpose of powering the external Superdrive.

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