Cheap Sync or Charge Cable might work with iPhone 4 Bumper

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by peraevum, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. peraevum macrumors newbie

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    I just got a black bumper for my iPhone 4 over the weekend and was disappointed to find out it didn't work with my current headphones and my numerous third-party charge cables.

    Like some of you, I really don't want to pay Apple another $20 for an extra sync cable that will fit in the narrow opening in my bumper (I travel, so I like having backups at different locations). There's a sale going on right now at Meritline that has a sync cable that looks very similar to the current Apple-branded ones. I can't tell for sure if it will fit right, but it looks good in the pictures. For $0.79 with free shipping for each cable, it's a bet I'm willing to take! I'll report back with the results.

    Taken from Ben's Bargains:
    Meritline has the Apple iPhone 3GS Data Cable & Charging Cable for $2.19 - $1.40 off with coupon code MLCK262468070764AL1 [1000 uses] = $0.79 with free shipping. Compatible with iPhones and most iPods. Cord is 11.8".

    I also found some Klipsch s2m earphones with mic that were pretty cheap on Amazon, hoping it fits into recessed jacks. Anyone have those and can confirm they fit into the bumper headphone opening?
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    I ordered 3 of those things from Meritline last week. They arrived yesterday. When holding them side-by-side with the stock white Apple charging cable they look identical in size. Sadly, the connector on the black Meritline cable is just a hair larger and will not fit the small opening on the bumper. Apple really knew what they were doing when they designed that thing. I don't think anything but an Apple-branded charging cable will fit through that damn hole. :mad:
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    There was already a lengthy thread on this here

    To quote from my previous post on that thread

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