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Apr 12, 2001

iFart Mobile developer reveals that sales of his iFart Mobile application were boosted over 3x over the course of Christmas eve and Christmas day. MacRumors had previously reported the sales numbers for the #1 spot had topped out at 13,274 units on December 22nd.

The developer reveals that on Christmas eve sales jumped to 19,520 units and on Christmas day sales shot up to 38,927. After Apple's cut, that represents $27,249 in net revenue for Christmas day alone.

App Store Link: iFart Mobile, $0.99

Article Link: Christmas Holiday Boosts App Store Sales, iFart Mobile Triples Sales


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Jul 29, 2008
New Mexico
I bet it's because a bunch of people got iPod touch's and started downloading needless amounts of apps.


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Jun 9, 2007
He got EXTREMELY lucky. Nothing better than having the top paid app, for a cheap price, when everyone clicks on their new app store icon for the first time.

More power to him though, because he is bringing in some serious money.


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Jun 23, 2006
It is a little depressing that this is the top app, isn't it?

Oh, well. I suppose the developer has brought smiles to many faces.

Solitaire City

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Aug 14, 2008
I've seen sales of Solitaire City increase 3x to 4x on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and double in the two days leading up to Christmas and other devs are reporting a similar boost in sales so you don't have to be #1 to enjoy a surprise Christmas present from Apple (although iFart's sales blew me away, no pun intended).


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Sep 6, 2007

where the hell are iBurp, iPiss and iBlowUpFrogs ???

It's definitely time to reassess my image of the 'typical Apple user'.


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Jul 3, 2006
San Francisco, CA
where the hell are iBurp, iPiss and iBlowUpFrogs ???

It's definitely time to reassess my image of the 'typical Apple user'.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at things), the typical iPhone user doesn't necessarily represent the typical Apple user. However, it's definitely a "gateway drug", if you will... and will lead people into the Apple "lifestyle". Be prepared to welcome some douchebags into the elitist computing circle.


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Jul 4, 2005
I set it to go off in 5 seconds, put it next to my sister and waited for the fart sound to come then I pointed at her and said "eew, you farted" and laughed.

Definitely worth the $1.19.


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Apr 22, 2005
Sorry...but I have to agree with Cloudnine and CocoaPuffs.
This is a real indictment of our society.
The word that comes to mind is "pathetic".

Someone needs to lighten up. Fart jokes have been popular as long as people have been farting.


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Oct 1, 2003
Vancouver, Canada
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Politics aside, this guy made an app, did it the best, and deserves the money from it. He's not the thousands of people buying it, he probably didn't waste an incredible amount of time on it, and now he can go on to bigger and better things.

And as for the value of the app, when was the last time you walked past the dollar store and saw a whoopie cushion that was small, compact, installable on something you already own and carry around with you, doesn't even require contact with your victim, has a multitude of different sounds, and was still only 99 cents?


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May 7, 2003
Saint Augustine, FL
The popularity of this app is the reflection of our society.

I don't know. Farting is a member of an extremely small subset of topics on which every person on earth is involved in, to some intimate degree. Additionally, farts create emotional and physical results in others, which also makes it universally personal, as *everyone* has some sort of connection or memory associated with a fart. That gives it a trait not shared with every other universal topics, such as breathing or rain. Most of the other things in the app store, such as cards or color matching or tower defense or music tuners do not have a connection with every person on the planet.

But, to say I am overwhelmed with jealousy is an understatement. But, at least I'm not "Pull My Finger", who did the legwork to get fart apps in the store in the first place. He must be terribly upset that iFart made it to the top and he did not.

edit: the real spyglass on society here is that there's soon going to be a whole category of fart apps. Search the app store for fart, and behold!


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Sep 10, 2007
Green Bay, WI
Ahh.. so you're the target consumer!

Couldnt figure out for the life of me who was downloading farty stuff.

My wife, one of the most urban, girly girls I know downloaded the free whoopie cusion app for her iPhone, she deleted after a few minutes of walking behind people farting.

Was a good laugh, but would I(or she) spend money, even $1 on this? Nah.


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Sep 2, 2006
a gasping dying planet
and not only does the developer make a killing by selling a worthless farting app, apple takes home a fair share as well. hopefully this will help apple loosen up on their app controls and let the market, no matter how stupid or worthless something might seem, decide what should be up for sale and what shouldn't.


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Dec 27, 2006
Of course, typical to silicon valley, because of the success of iFart Apple will simply incorporate the farting capability into its phones at the next software update, adding that final inscentive to purchase an iPhone.
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