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    figuring this should be like sim city but not getting to grips with it, despite the help.

    so i have a grid, and theres a wee bit of water in the bottom corner.

    i stick in a road, in a straight line. no matter how long a road i do, it always says 'too short' but puts it in anyway.

    and i stick some residential zones in. these seem to be very narrow, is this always the case? if so my city will be more tarmac than anything

    and they ask for water, i stick in the water pump, and the water drainage. does the piping have to go in one big circuit? can it cross over? does it need to go under every building or just to the start of them?

    and same with electricity.

    forgive me if that seems a bit daft, i only played with it for 10 mins and gave up.
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    This game actually plays a lot differently from the Sim City series. There's more focus on the macro side of your city and your main issue will be traffic and sustainable expansions. Grids don't usually work that well in this game, remember that in real life there's a term "grid-lock", you have almost 100 sq.km. to work with so there's no need to cramped everything together, plus there's more congestion that way anyway. As for water, you need both water pump and sewage, but make sure that the sewage is downstream so your pump won't suck up polluted water and kill your "cims". Your water pipes need to connect to both pumps and sewage, the rest you can make into any shape as long as it covers all buildings under the blue glow i.e. coverage. The pipes carry both sewage and water. As for electricity buildings close together can allow electricity to pass between them, make sure that the wind turbines is connected to those "groups" with electric towers. Residential zones shouldn't be that narrow, I guess your roads might be too close to each other not allowing bigger houses to be build.

    Anyway I'm no expert, having "only" played 75 hours lol. There's already quite a few people with over 200 hours. I recommend these excellent guides.

    Great starting guide by a Reddit user - vol 1-4 with grid based city - personally this one is probably the best guide for you.
    Vol. 1: http://imgur.com/a/LuzAc
    Lastest is Vol. 4: http://imgur.com/a/0UKPe

    SimNation's series of guides: http://simnation.tv/citiesskylines/guides/cities-skylines-guide-for-existing-city-builder-players/

    Excellent in-depth guide to traffic by a traffic engineer: http://imgur.com/a/z1rM1

    Have fun!

    Feel free to add me up on Steam: bloody_ewe
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    Oct 26, 2012
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    Mar 31, 2015
    The guides that UniDoubleU linked are really good. Also be sure to checkout the subreddit http://www.reddit.com/r/citiesskylines

    It takes a bit of time to learn the game. I built about 10 cities, spending about 1-2 hours on each, and then scrapping them to finally build a layout that works well.
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    Hey, Cities:Skylines is on sale at Steam for a while longer, I just purchased. Nice looking game, very close to Sim city (which I played a lot) however I'm noticing it's quite difficult to get a stable city going that not drowning in debt. Twice after taking a loan, I've resorted to turning money on. :oops: Thoughts? Note I'm playing this on PC. Thanks!


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