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    Just wondering,

    How will we be able to do a clean install (erase and install on HDD) via the AppStore??

    I would like to start afresh on my MacBook Pro i7, so, how exactly am I able to do a fresh install on my Mac?

    As wonderful as the new OS X looks like, my main worry here is that the system will not be as steady, fast or responsive. The current OS as with my experience often seem to slow down for each update given by Apple. It was blazing fast when I got it, sure I got some apps on it, sure it's not an empty drive but seriously, it's just not very responsive anymore. What I wish this new OS to be is to be somehow secured on the section of the HDD that will always be fast and responsive.

    Anyway, if anyone has a clue if we can still buy the DVDs for this install to do a clean install, would be great if you could share it.


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    Install it from App Store, then boot from the recovery partition and use its Disk Utility to wipe the drive. Then simply reinstall the OS and it will be a clean install.
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    It's easy!

    The Lion installer you download from the App Store will create a Recovery Partition on your internal hard drive. All you have to do is boot from that partition, and you will be able to access not only disk utility but the entire Lion installer (well, after it downloads, again). That will let you erase your whole system and do a fresh install!
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    You can also create a USB stick/DVD that contains the full installer.

    Instructions here:

  5. nostromo77, Jun 14, 2011
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    nostromo77 thread starter Guest

    You guys are awesome!

    Thank you!

    So you recommend me to partition my HDD and only have my MacOS X on i? It will always keep my system fresh and fast? Wow I used to do this back in the MacOS 9 and early X days but forgot about it!

    So how big do you suggest my MacOS X drive to be? I mean, if I install FCP and Adobe etc, it will eat up a huge chunk so if I make my HDD drive a 10GB for the OS it won't be enough would it? Or does it put the Application Support somewhere else?

    Wait I think I just came up with the above stupidity... sorry I misread the partition bit... but it wouldn't work would it? I wish I had a SSD drive for the OS x only and the rest of the apps on a HDD.

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