Clicking bottom case in MacBook Pro 15" 2015

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Conradiminja, Jul 8, 2017.

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    Apr 22, 2017

    I have been a long time user of Apple products (Iphones, iPods, Imac as home computer and so on) and recently I decided to start studying (In Australia)and of course I wanted a laptop so I bought the 2015 MacBook Pro 15" since a lot of my friends has that exact model and also my girlfriend had just bought one and I liked the keyboard way more than the current 2016 version (Crucial since I do ********s of typing).

    So I bought it back in the middle of May (In Sweden), but I didn't start using it right away since I was waiting on a skin + sleeve and I didn't need it right at the moment since I had the Imac At home then.

    But right before I moved to Australia, I noticed that the bottom case of the laptop was flexing 3-4mm at a fairly large spot + doing a fairly loud “clicking” noise , so I contacted the Apple support and got redirected to a Apple service location, there they fixed the problem which was due to some "clips" on the inside that had come loose.

    But 3 days after I arrived in Australia and I had started to use this laptop extensively, I noticed that every time I picked the laptop up, if I had it in my lap or any surface, applied pressure around the area where you rest your wrists when typing. Then I would hear a faint "click" which I also could slightly feel. So again I contacted Apple and got a genius Appointment setup...

    There the guy of course couldn't hear it since the store was extremely crowded, but he took it backdoors and reseated the bottom case and said it would have fixed it.

    I came home and the day after I noticed that the problem was still there and at the same day I went to another Apple Store (Girlfriend wanted to check out the new iPad Pro) and luckily it was nearly empty so I could just walk up to the Genius Bar and got help, same thing there they couldn't hear it but they were 3 Genius employees trying to figure it out. So they took it in backdoors and spent 30 minutes on it. They came back and said they had found it to be a faulty spring which they replaced.

    Happily I went home and of course..Noticed that the clicking is still there when I sat down to study (Even now when im typing it comes randomly). Also it has recently started to randomly heat up quickly until the fans starts at max and then cools down + hinge of the display can randomly do a crackling sound when opening it.

    So this is starting to get really annoying since when you pay 3100$ + (AUD) for a laptop, you expect it to be flawless, especially when out of 10+ friends and family has the exact same model and they are FLAWLESS and working perfectly. So I have most likely gotten a bad unit?

    What do you guys have to recommend me to do? In Sweden we got a “Lemon Law” kind of stuff where if you had problems with a new product and you’ve tried several times to get it fixed.

    I would happily return it and get a new one but doubt they will do that since its been 58 days since I ordered it, also it was back in Sweden which makes it even harder..

    Should I just go for another appointment and try to get it escalated to a manager? Problem is that they most likely wont be able to hear it once again. Funny enough tho, my girlfriend thought it was me cracking my fingers due to the “clicking” sound the first. So you can get an idea of what the sound is like.

    As a uni student I can't afford to be without my computer at all since I'm using it nearly all day around for my assessments and a lot of other stuff for the school.

    Hope anyone has a good tips or a similar problem that has been solved! Or knows how Apple will handle it after several tries to repair it.

    Cheers :)
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    Apr 22, 2017
    Saw that video earlier during my search for solving this problem myself ;-) but the creaking he experiences doesn't sound like one I'm experiencing. Its more like a knuckle getting cracked / a key on the keyboard getting tapped in a fast and hard way.

    Also it comes more from the "middle" of the bottom case plate than from the edges.

    But just to add: the Genius guy actually lubricated the screws since it was one possibility to solve it he said (On the first try).

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