clicking sound

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  1. C

    Clicking bottom case in MacBook Pro 15" 2015

    Hi! I have been a long time user of Apple products (Iphones, iPods, Imac as home computer and so on) and recently I decided to start studying (In Australia)and of course I wanted a laptop so I bought the 2015 MacBook Pro 15" since a lot of my friends has that exact model and also my girlfriend...
  2. ra red

    Iphone 6 bottom right clicking

    Hello all, Lately my iPhone6 (bought in early 2015) screen started to click on the bottom right corner and i am worried that water may go in.I have seen lot of posts online but i am not sure if this is manufacturing defect ? Will apple replace the phone or do i need to get after market repairs...
  3. jdolan

    Why is my 2009 iMac making a clicking sound?

    My 2009 iMac is making a faint clicking (or knocking) sound. I thought this was the sound of the hard drive was going bad, so I replaced it with a solid state drive. It is still making this sound after installing the SSD. You can hear the regular click in this video...