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Jul 30, 2019
Out of nowhere i’ve been experiencing my GPU drivers crashing on the Mojave and Windows sides. Originally I was running an RX 580, then tried switching back to my EFI 7970, which helped a lot in terms of graphical glitches but still constantly crashes the driver. On macOS the rest of the system works fine like the audio, and if I leave it sit long enough it eventually recovers when the stress load calms down. On the Windows side the system freezes then recovers displaying an error message about the driver crashing. I’m completely confused on what’s going on, everything was working completely fine and this literally came out of no where. The only thing I’ve changed system wide was upgrading the firmware to the latest version, before this i was running the pre-high sierra firmware (idk the version number). I would love to upload logs but I don’t know exactly which one anyone would look for, since it all looks like a foreign language to me. Any help is appreciated.
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