1. E

    Thoughts on dedicated GPU being present in refreshed 16" MacBook Pro?

    Hello all. I've been having some thoughts that I've been wanting to voice but I haven't been sure on how to put it and, more importantly, where. I haven't seen much discussion on this recently, so I figured I'd start a forum thread on it. I've been thinking quite a bit about the future of the...
  2. MiniApple

    Mini PCs (Windows)

    I’m looking for (ultra) small form factor Mini PCs recommendations Requirements Full System or Barebone ability to run Windows 10 Home or Pro AMD or ARM based chip (No Intel!) Silent (not louder than a Mac Mini M1) regardless if it has a fan or not. 1x M2 2280 storage slot (main or additional)...
  3. cchavez

    Mojave Patcher Issues 2010 iMac 11,2

    I got it all installed Mojave boots up, (used dosdude patcher) works good even logged on then all of a sudden crashes, I get the 3 beeping sounds and computer is frozen. Have to reset to get it to stop and then it does it all over again, tried PRAM and still doesn’t work. This model has the ATI...
  4. Ulfric

    Two New exciting patents from AMD, one for GPU Chiplet design, one for Programmable Execution Unit (PEU), basically on die FPGA.

    First patent is about GPU chiplets using high bandwidth crosslink. Patent link GPU CHIPLETS USING HIGH BANDWIDTH CROSSLINKS - ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES, INC. ( Another one is a Programmable Execution Unit (PEU) allows Customizable Instructions and Adaptable Computing...
  5. Z

    MP All Models Mac Pro 10X Overpriced. Seriously.

    A custom-built Ryzen 5900X/RTX 3070 machine from a reputable vendor now costs 1/10th of the nearest Mac Pro configuration. There's no hyperbole, that's the price disparity when you're seeking equal performance between a Mac and a PC at a high performance level. I've been, and still am an iMac...
  6. Ulfric

    AMD rumored to have a prototype Apple M1 competitor in the works

    AMD may have an Apple M1 competitor in the works. Rumor is that there are two versions of this chip being developed, with and without integrated RAM. It is possible that AMD could be looking to revive its K12 Core design or improve on it with newer Cortex designs to exploit the highly lucrative...
  7. ricardo.felix

    Razer Chroma X + 5700 XT for gaming in BootCamp

    I have a MacBook Pro 15'' 2019 Intel i9 8cores 32GB RAM and a Radeon Pro 560X 4GB graphics card... I recently got into gaming on bootcamp (VR as well) and I was surprised at how well it handled them. But of course I wanted a better gaming experience with better graphics so I ordered an eGPU...
  8. M

    Moving from x86 to arm: Is this really a breakthrough?

    Apple's new m1 chips are met with universal praise. And rightly so: They completely outclass the intel chips in previous macs. But I feel like there is some misrepresentation going on here. Was this made possible by the move from x86 to ARM? Or is it about engineering innovations and good chip...
  9. amgad_012

    MP 1,1-5,1 What is the best GPU i Can put in Mac Pro 5,1

    What is the best GPU i Can put in Mac Pro 5,1 ?? i have nvidia qudroo 4000 that is working perfect with el Capitain os but i can't upgrade to mojave so i can't use any of adobe 21 version Any One Help me To search for perfect GPU for my Mac Pro 4,1 Upgraded to 5,1
  10. amgff84

    24" Early 09 iMac

    So, I have had this iMac in my ownership for a while and I finally got around to using it... In 2016 I purchased an early 09 iMac (24" with the 3.06 GHz CPU) with a graphics card issue. I discovered that adjusting the resolution to 720p can give better results by causing less strain on the GPU...
  11. Koudspeel

    Big Navi refresh in 2020 27" iMac?

    With NVIDIA releasing their 3000 line of cards just a few days ago and AMD supposedly releasing their Big Navi RDNA2 chips later this year, I was wondering if Apple will refresh the GPU option on the iMac 2020 one last time. Apple has done such a move before in the past with the iMac Pro. On...
  12. A

    Mac Silicon - What do you expect from the first Mac SoCs?

    Hey everyone! Pretty new here! I'm excited to see what the Apple silicon team will deliver for the first Mac SoC. It's a chance for Apple's silicon team to take the Mac far beyond the capabilities and performance of generic x86 competition in the PC space. I feel many tech enthusiasts are...
  13. onujpt

    GPU Crash

    Hello, Wondering if anyone can help me out with an apparent Graphics Card Crash on my new MacBook Pro. I purchased a 16" MacBook Pro / 64GB RAM / 8GB AMD 5500 Graphics Card / 2.3GHz 8-core i9 and installed BootCamp / Steam to play one of my favorite games (Planet Coaster). Super graphics...
  14. askunk

    What GPU will work for the new ARM CPUs?

    So far we've seen spectacular performances by the GPUs on iPads and iPhones. Those few graphic cores integrated on Apple APUs work great and reach easily 120 fps in games with Metal on pretty decent resolutions (the iPad), albeit dealing with a "stripped down" version of a PC game. However...
  15. MarciaFunebre

    MP 7,1 Crazy Fans on Sapphire 5700XT - How to tame?

    Fans on the Sapphire Radeon 5700XT are spinning up ever 10 or 20 seconds. Even while the computer is idling. Any idea on how to turn this madness off?
  16. dawindmg08

    Metal/AMD updates in 10.15.4?

    Can anyone confirm if 10.15.4 updated the GPU drivers for the current AMD card lineup? Been waiting to pull the trigger on a 16" MBP but keep hearing horror stories about glitches and Metal acceleration on the new Macs, especially in Adobe Premiere Pro. Been hoping that it gets fixed before...
  17. D

    MP 1,1-5,1 Can Nvidia and AMD cards coexist in the same machine?

    In an attempt to add a few more years onto my 5,1's lifespan, thought of this: Install a single slot RX 550 4 GB for macOS; upgrade to Mojave, possibly Catalina later on Continue using my current MVC-flashed GTX Titan X for Windows/Gaming purposes Use a KVM to swap between the video cards'...
  18. M

    MP 7,1 New imMP has non-intel Thunderbolt 3 header (muxers), the departs begun.

    According iFixit's teardown, the mp 7,1 instead Intel Titan Ridge tb3 headers it implements 2x Diodes Incorporated PI3DBS16 PCIe Thunderbolt 3 signal mux ( functional equivalent to Intel Titan Ridge).
  19. upbythomas

    MP 1,1-5,1 Does the AMD RX 590 (MSI) can work in a 3,1 Mac Pro?

    Hi everyone, recently I bought a MSI RX590 Armor 8GB OC for my 3,1 Mac Pro. Obviously, I've installed macOS Catalina with dosdude's solution before connecting the new RX video card in there (and Catalina works perfectly with the original ATI card). But, after put the 590 in and connected the...
  20. Romanesco

    MacBook Pro (2018/2019) + Apple's Pro Display XDR thru an eGPU in a Razer Core X eGPU

    Hi there, I'm wondering if I can drive an Apple's Pro Display XDR thru an eGPU (for example Radeon RX 5700 XT, Radeon VII) in a Razer Core X eGPU hooked to a MacBook Pro (for example the 2018, 6-core, 560X). In theory, Thunderbolt 3 supports resolutions up to 8K but I have some confusion in...