Coffee between these two brands...

Which Coffee?

  • Tim Hortons Coffee

    Votes: 8 15.7%
  • Starbucks Coffee

    Votes: 23 45.1%
  • Other

    Votes: 20 39.2%

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John Jacob

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Feb 11, 2003
Columbia, MD
Tim Hortons for the win! I used to drink them when I was in Canada. Heaven: walking into a Tim Hortons from the -40 cold and sipping on a steaming hot french vanilla cappuccino!

My favourite Starbucks coffee, the white chocolate mocha, costs double the Tim Hortons french vanilla, and isn't half as good.


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Seriously as a coffee lover and a Canuck...Tim Horton's coffee is absolute must have some addictive chemical...either that or the donuts are so good people keep coming in...Second Cup, Starbux and Countrystyle have better coffee north of the 49th.

Oh yeah I drink Peets at home that's the best...




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May 3, 2009
I usually buy dunkin donuts coffee (a coffee shop here in the northeast US) but generally speaking, I have no real brand loyalty. To me coffee is coffee regardless of who makes it. Other then starbucks because their's taste burnt to me.


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Jan 30, 2007
up tha holler, acrost tha crick
I like coffee, not a sugary, milky mess. Starbucks black coffee tastes like dirt and twigs, I guess that's why they have so much sweet, creamy garbage added to it. Tim Hortons is loads better. Burger King coffee surprisingly beats them both. Dunkin Donuts coffee is absolutely delicious!


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Oct 14, 2007
Location eh?
Last time I drank a Tim Hortons coffee it tasted very very very watered down than I last remember, location to location quality of served coffee is a headache I can't deal with anymore...

Personally I'm a bit divided, Honey Dew makes a good French Vanilla coffee and their donuts are much better(soft/moist) than the brick-like donuts Dunkin sells... Dunkin Donuts has a better tasting hazelnut coffee.
...if it weren't such a long distance to visit both coffee shops, I'd buy donuts at Honey Dew and get coffee at Dunkin :p

With all that said, every morning I drink two cups of tea... I can't drink coffee in the morning.


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Jul 24, 2009
Agree totally with the above starbucks tastes like crap. Very burnt taste and like it was made yesterday.

Over here in the uk the best coffee is a Costa. Can't beat it. Has a smooth rich taste that you can't beat. Add a chocolate twist and it's perfect.


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Dec 31, 2008
Rio Rancho, NM
I don't buy coffee from coffee shops. I don't like being raped. I buy from the grocery store and make it at home. 2 starbucks coffees can buy me over 50 cups of coffee at home.


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Mar 23, 2009
I assume we're talking about coffee house chains here. But I seldom step into one - I prefer making my own espresso at home and otherwise I prefer to go to a one-off shop than chain.

(I agree on the cost point above. I spent $800 on a machine and $600 on a grinder, and I am WAY ahead financially... Oh, check out if you are interested in buying a home machine. Lots of reviews and information.)

The best I have tasted is Intelligentsia (a Chicago roaster) Black Cat Espresso. They sold it at Whole Foods briefly, dunno why they dropped it. Probably couldn't get the quantity they needed.

Close second is Cafe Calibria's Calibria blend. They are a local (San Diego) roaster that also has a nice coffee house attached to their roasting business.

Best bet I think is to seek out a local roaster (think fresh) and then see if they have a coffee house or see who they sell to locally.


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Sep 19, 2003
Canada, eh?
Actually, McDonald's coffee is beginning to grow on me.

I don't buy Starbucks because I don't feel like paying ridiculous prices for coffee. Tim Horton's is ubiquitous in Canada, there's a location seemingly within 10 minutes drive of wherever you are (even in the country! :eek:) , and it's reasonably priced ($1+) so I end up drinking it a fair bit, but I don't think it's that great. I do like trying my luck in "Rrrrroll up the rrrrrim to win" though. ;)


Dec 12, 2007
I tried Horton's and didn't care for it.. it was too thin. I like Starbucks if only for the strength and consistency of the product. I'm not against trying other coffee places, but I'm very, very picky about my coffee and it bugs me that if I order the same thing three times I get it three different ways. Starbucks is always the same: Strong, hot, full bodied and intermediate-to-real good.


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Nov 18, 2007
Never heard of the Tim Whatever you call it so can't comment but here in UK Starbucks tastes like s***, now I am not a huge coffee drinker (more of a Tea guy :D) but I have preferred Costa Coffee to the crap Starbucks sells :)

I must admit I do like the smell of Starbucks, slightly nicer than Costa Coffee just shame about the actual coffee lol.


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Sep 19, 2003
Canada, eh?
What is a Tim Burton?????????:p I'm Serious, it's the first time I ever heard of that.
Tim Burton is a filmmaker who specializes in dark and weird movies, often stop motion animated. You know, Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas. He also did the currently playing Alice in Wonderland. :D

Tim Horton was a Canadian hockey player, and the name of a coffee-and-donuts chain in Canada. They specialize in coffee, iced cappucinos, hot chocolate, donuts, donut holes ("Timbits"), muffins, croissants, sandwiches, and soup. There are a few locations in the US, but not many. In Canada, however, every town, even the tiniest ones, have at least one Tim Horton's. Tim Horton's has become as much of a Canadian icon as the maple leaf itself.


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Apr 12, 2005
Used to like Lavazza now prefer illy. Wish I had a use for the empty tins though. They seem too good to throw away.


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Mar 23, 2010
Not a big fan of Starbucks and we don't have Tim Horton's in Florida, I like Dunkin Doughnuts.