Comcast Confirms Plans to Outbid Disney for Fox's Assets With 'Superior' All-Cash Offer

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    Last December, The Walt Disney Company outlined plans to acquire 21st Century Fox and a collection of its subsidiaries for $52.4 billion in stock. Those plans have been under regulatory scrutiny for months and have yet to be finalized, and now Comcast has confirmed it is in "advanced stages" of sending Fox a "superior" all-cash offer in hopes of besting Disney's all-share offer (via Bloomberg).

    Previous reports about Comcast's potential bid also referenced an all-cash deal, and put an estimate above Disney's to as much as $60 billion in cash from Comcast for the designated Fox assets. Comcast's press release today does not disclose an offer amount, but the company says the structure and terms of any offer would be "at least as favorable to Fox shareholders as the Disney offer."


    Comcast says that its work to finance the offer for some of Fox's assets is "well advanced," and the company has already prepared to file key regulatory statements. Of course, no final decision has yet been made, but analyst Daniel Ives notes that, "If Comcast won these assets from the arms of Disney, it would be a devastating blow to [Disney CEO] Bob Iger."
    As of now, recent reports have stated that the Comcast/Fox offer's final fate may rely on the government's decision regarding AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner. Similar to AT&T owning DirecTV, Comcast owns NBCUniversal, and both companies are looking into purchasing large TV programming entities.

    Because of this, it's believed Comcast will take a wait-and-see approach, and if a U.S. judge rules against AT&T on antitrust grounds in a trial coming next month, Comcast is expected to back off of Fox's assets. If AT&T wins the case and Comcast moves forward with a bid, Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Paul Sweeney says the Disney vs. Comcast bidding war would be intense: "Disney is likely to put up quite a fight."

    Disney and Comcast are looking at Fox's entertainment assets in hopes of expanding their reach outside of the United States, as well as stocking their streaming back catalogs with a quick rush of content. Movie assets that either company could gain from 21st Century Fox include Fox Searchlight Pictures and Fox 2000, homes of movies like Avatar, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Shape of Water, and Gone Girl.

    For TV shows, Fox's TV production companies include Twentieth Century Fox Television, as well as FX Productions and Fox21, which bring viewers shows like The Simpsons, This Is Us, and The Americans. Notably, the winning bidder would gain Fox's 30 percent stake in Hulu, and if Disney acquires the company it would become a majority shareholder of the streaming service.

    Article Link: Comcast Confirms Plans to Outbid Disney for Fox's Assets With 'Superior' All-Cash Offer
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    Oh great—so with Comcast owning all these networks we're only going to be allowed to watch those networks when using their internet because net neutrality is gone and they have a monopoly as an ISP in many regions. I would think that Disney would have a lot less conflict of interest than Comcast in this matter, but given the current administration who knows what regulators might approve these days.
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    Hmm... I was kinda hoping Marvel Studios (Disney) would get the rights back to all of the characters that are under contract to Fox. I like what Fox has done with Deadpool and look forward to seeing the upcoming New Mutants movie, but I think Marvel Studios could do much better with the X-Men than what Fox has put out.
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    Philadelphia, PA
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    Yup. God, I hate Comcast with a passion.
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    plus there's that whole original StarWars IV distribution/ownership thing......The Great Disney Unification
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    If Comcast acquires this, would you not boycott the content?

    My hatred for Comcast cannot be overestimated.

    My wife pays the Comcast internet bill. If she didn't, I'd be in the process of forming my own ISP which would exist for the sole purpose of being an FU to Comcast.
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    whos more evil disney or comcast? i vote comcast all day everyday
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  11. cmwade77 macrumors 65816

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    Overall Disney isn't evil, they really are just trying to make money, which is not evil, Comcast on the other hand tries to screw over the customer every chance they get, that is indeed evil.
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    Heck yeah!
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    Worse, here are a few examples:
    • Tech support hold times are over an hour
    • One month your bill will be $50, then the next it will increase to $150 with absolutely no notice and since they (at least in our area at the time) required AutoPay, you had not idea it was going to happen until they took the money (I wish I was making that one up)
      • You call to complain about this and they disconnect the call every time saying they "lost your call" and it is another hour or so to get a hold of anyone.
    • They implemented data caps.throttling on what were sold as "unlimited plans" with little to no notice
    • Refusing to cancel service when you cancel it
    • Giving priority bandwidth to their own services and to services that pay them extra money
    The list goes on and on, seriously they are pure evil, do not let them anywhere near anything in your country, have protests, write your government, whatever it takes to keep them out.
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    I would love to join that ISP
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    They might still, no one has ever said that FOX is even interested in an all cash offer. An offer with Disney stocks would most likely prove more profitable in the long run than an all cash offer, especially since Disney would be getting all the Marvel properties back in their wheelhouse, it will ultimately mean Disney stocks will skyrocket.

    FOX may entertain the idea for a bit, but I don't think they would seriously consider a deal with Comcast for the reasons I mentioned and I don't thing regulators would allow this one to go through because it would be way too many studios under the Comcast umbrella. Yes, Disney has a few, but Comcast has more.
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    These companies need to be broken up into content and distribution.

    Aircraft manufacturers and airlines, just like vehicle manufacturers and transport and shipping companies were broken up for a reason.
  15. edgonzalez32 macrumors 6502

    Jul 21, 2011
    No. I need all of Marvel's heroes under one house. It's time to do the F4 the Justice it deserves.
  16. Applebot1 macrumors 6502a

    Jan 4, 2014
    Wow that’s terrible and I sympathise.
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    Thank you FCC for not stopping this now everything will be slow, tiling and all the same crappy reality shows. I have Charter Spectrum and it's crap like all ISP/Cable companies.
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    Think of the most vile person you’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing. Then multiply that by infinity.

    You will then have Comcast.
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    This X100000000000000
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    IdI like to form my own ISP as a giant FU to Armstrong. Lol... let's Don it!
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    As DSLReports points out, Comcast’s overall customer satisfaction scores are still hot garbage. The company, fresh off an abysmal 54/100 rating in 2015 for its TV product, improved to 62/100 in 2016. That’s a significant jump, but remains well behind the 65/100 average, and companies like Verizon (70/100), AT&T (69/100), and DirecTV (68/100) are still mopping the floor with Comcast.

    What’s perhaps most telling about Comcast’s public satisfaction score is that it’s actually worse than the scores the IRS received for its e-filing, small business, and self-employed programs. Yes, the notoriously frustrating and confusing process of filing federal taxes is actually less hated than Comcast’s TV service. You probably won’t be seeing that in a Comcast press release any time soon.
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    Don't forget the fantastic four as well
  22. KevinPeterson macrumors newbie

    Apr 6, 2009

    The rights will revert to marvel no matter who buys fox because per the original deal, they cannot be sold. Either way Marvel gets their properties back.
  23. Anarchy99 macrumors 6502a

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    wouldn't that only happen if ComCast disbanded 21st Century Fox and rolled it into Comcast or another property?

    hypothetically if they purchased 21st Century Fox and it became "21st Century Fox a division of Comcast" since the entity that had the rights still exists, they wouldn't revert back?
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    Crap. I love X-Men just the way it is.

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