Conan O'Brien Pokes Fun at Face ID in Skit With Fake Craig Federighi

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    Conan O'Brien, host of late night talk show Conan, last night did a skit covering Apple's keynote and the new Face ID feature designed to unlock the iPhone X with a facial scan.

    A fake Craig Federighi takes the stage to answer inane Face ID questions from the audience. "Does it work with the butt?" asks one person. "What's the maximum number of faces that the phone can recognize?" asks another man. "That's a good question. Just one," says fake Federighi. "I have six," says the audience member, holding up a garbage bag.

    Face ID is a new technology, so naturally there are a lot of questions about how it works and whether it can be fooled by things like photos or masks (it can't), which is what makes this skit humorous.

    The Face ID feature is limited to the iPhone X right now, but Apple has said that Face ID is the future of how we will unlock our smartphones. Face ID works in the dark because it uses infrared, and it can also correctly scan a face that's obscured by hats, glasses, makeup, beards, and more.

    Article Link: Conan O'Brien Pokes Fun at Face ID in Skit With Fake Craig Federighi
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    Not worth the time posting

    Oh wait

    Apple just made another 50 million
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    On a side note, Face ID never failed for Federighi. It somehow was not setup properly for the exhibition. With Every new restart , the user has to enter the passcode first before Face ID will function normally.
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    I have a question....
    How is this the 9th and 10th versions of the phone any different from generation 1? It has the same shape, the same limited storage, the same basic apps, and it is lacking the same features such as SD Card and now no earphone jack....

    So how is it better???
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    The second the cops hold this up to a suspect's face and unlock the phone, it's all over for Apple
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    Hmm, I think they stretched the "I tore a face down, how can I get into this person's phone" joke a bit too thin by basically making it the sole basis of all questions.

    It was funny once or twice and could have been a good running gag, too, but not this condensed with nothing more in-between.

    Glassed Silver:ios
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    OOOh... I think you might just have a very good point....I suspect the words "class" and "action" will become the new swear words at the spaceship!!! To be honest it was not a great presentation, I hope in a way, a high price NAACP lawyer gets his rights stomped on in the days following the launch..Apple did not do a great job with the is basically a turd phone!!
  11. meaning-matters, Sep 13, 2017
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    Here real concerns:
    - works with sun glasses?
    - works after cutting beard?
    - works at which angles?
    - works at which distances?
    - works with makeup?
    - works with beaten up face?
    - Can a mask be added?
    - Can something not a face be added?
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    One would think that guy would have the budget to buy one. Guess not.
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    South Africa
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    Ha ha ha £1000 emoji machine : steves vision lol
  15. HiRez, Sep 14, 2017 at 12:14 AM
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    That one was pretty funny. But there are some legit concerns in it that I also had, including the global swipe gesture interfering with scrolling or other gestures in an app/game, and the cutout section when watching movies. That looks awful, I hope there will be a preference to not use that section for movies (moving the video over slightly and blacking out the whole strip) but I doubt it.
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    They could do the same thing with Touch ID
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    What happens if I lose face?
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    As long as you still have fingers and can enter your passcode, no problem.
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    -Same shape: a phone has to be rectangular with a display on the front side, I’m not sure what you expect
    -same limited storage: the original iPhone started with 4, 8, and 16GB storage options, the iPhone X offers 64 and 256GB models.
    -same basic apps: the preinstalled apps increased in number over time, but iOS offers over 2.2 million apps. The original iPhone didn’t even have an AppStore
    -SD card: you wouldn’t need it with 64 and 256GB of built in storage
    -Lightning jack: Apple were the first to drop support of floppy disks, optical drives, currently USB 3, and now headphones jack. It’ll happen whether we like it or not.
  20. Msivyparrot macrumors newbie


    Apr 5, 2017
    South Africa
    So in other words berrymetal there is basically no difference between the 1st gen and the 9th/10th generation ifone!!
    64GB is basically no storage..If you use the phone professionally then even 256 is a joke...this is 2017 according to the calendar on my SD Cards should be a given...

    2,2m apps...99.99% are flabby bird clones...or clones of clones...
    So how is the phone different???
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    Jun 6, 2010
    Give it a rest. You are picking holes in something just for the sake of it...and you know it. I wonder just how professional you are that you think you need more and 256GB of storage. Some people are just born to twist. I suggest you head over to an android forum with all your disappointment, you may find solace there.
  22. Msivyparrot macrumors newbie


    Apr 5, 2017
    South Africa
    No it is a serious question... I know that many professionals are starting to use iPhones to record video and audio in the news department, and the iPhone at high resolution will consume storage quick quickly.

    For example Time Magazine just did a feature using a photographer from Brazil on an assignment in the USA, she used various iPhones, why should 1 phone be all to everyone? Why not have one that is SD CARD loaded and one without?

    As I see it, the phone has not changed very much, from 1st gen to 10th gen..Basically the iPhone is in the 10th gen a Porsche with an 8track deck and 5 preloaded AM dial radio stations you are unable to adjust!!!
  23. Jaekae macrumors 6502

    Dec 4, 2012
    Much better screen, bigger screen, better OS, faster storage than any sd card you v"can ever find, better cellular modems, better wireless technology (bluetooth, wifi and stuff) wireless charging, water resistance, much faster processor, much faster gpu, much faster memory and more memory, and alot more..
    And try wireless earphones, you will never want get back to wired again
    And take a look at the app store if you want apps..
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    Apr 5, 2017
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    I agree it is on some level improved, but 10 generations on, it is still very much the same, a tiny upgrade in storage, but with improved video, this is actually a loss...Gosh how can you not see it?? This is actually a serious downgrade...This 9th and 10th generation is feature for feature less than 1st generation...oh well...
  25. Mac Tyson, Sep 14, 2017 at 3:39 AM
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    Provide an example of a phone that has improved by your definition.

    iPhone's screen improved. Screen size got bigger. Gestures, camera, etc

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