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    Hi I'm using MAC OS Sierra. We have a wired network to our Server in our office without internet. If I connect to it using LAN on my Mac, I have to manually input the details and in the router section, have to put in our server ip - example If I do this, while I can connect to the Wifi, I don't have internet. Every websites will show Failed to Open.

    If I don't input the ip on the router and just use DHCP with manual address, it won't connect to our wired server but I'll have access to the internet with wifi.

    In Windows, I can have both access to our network with LAN and at the same time have access to the internet with WIFI. Please help! I've been having this problem for years and decided to use a Windows in our office but now my ASUS is in repair so gonna use my macbook for a while and it's very inconvenient to keep changing the LAN settings just so I can access the internet with wifi.
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    Since the server has no internet access, it won’t be able to route you to the internet. That makes sense.

    As you didn’t specify what services your server offers on the network so I’m making a wild guess of what could resolve the issue. I propose the following 3 settings for both your wired as for your wireless network.
    1. IP: use a fixed IP <fix.ed.IP.x>
    2. Subnet: make sure both wired and wireless are on the same subnet like your server e.g. <>
    3. DNS: add your server ip first (depends on the services provided), followed by your ISP’s DNS servers and some generic internet DNS server provider e.g. <ip.ser.ver.x>, <DNS.ISP.x.1>, <DNS.ISP.x.2>, <pub.lic.DNS.server>
    Note: You’ve got to set the above twice (wired & wireless) per Mac you need to configure.
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    It sounds like you are putting a default gateway in both the LAN and WiFi connection. Only put the default gateway on the WiFi. If your LAN connection is not on the server's subnet and requires a route, then you'll need to add a route for it manually via Terminal.
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    Sounds like OP needs to hire a professional. They are talking about server in office setting.

    Personally I think they just need to go into system prefs / network / set service order and drag wifi to the top. For a quick band-aid for simultaneous server and internet access. But never would I promote that as an official fix.

    Hire somebody to set this up right for you.
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    May 26, 2010
    Hey guys, thanks for the replies. Will try them at work tomorrow.

    We have an inventory program in the server - just a PC with higher specs and fixed IP that we connect to it via a wired LAN.

    In Windows, we just set up our computers with fixed IP for every computer and subnet and it can connect to our server and still be able to use the wifi to connect to the internet. Can't understand why it's so hard to do it in Mac! :)

    Example of our server IP is and our internet settings is (router default)

    @Flint Ironstag - I wish I can hire someone too! But not a lot of people use Apple here
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    May 26, 2010
    @Flint Ironstag Doesn't work. (see screenshot) If I add in the router section the server's IP address, I can connect to the LAN but will have no internet. If I don't put anything on the router section, the LAN will still show connected and I'll have internet but it won't open our program. Anyways, since this is just temporary, will just turn LAN on/off when needed :) Will stick to Windows in our office. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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  7. Marshall73, Oct 14, 2017
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    If your internet is via WiFi and the server is on the LAN side then you just need a static address without gateway or dns on the LAN interface on your Mac. Then when you put in the IP address of the server the Mac knows to use the LAN interface to connect to the server as it’s on the same subnet.

    You are using different subsets for WiFi and LAN, right? Reading your posts you are not, which is a major mistake.

    Also, windows or Mac, it doesn’t sound like you know much about networking so you should get someone in who does, if for no other reason than to setup your networks properly. if you have the networks bodged together I hate to think what other crazy stuff you are doing.
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    This is actually a really simple solution. Just change the order of the services so WiFi is above Ethernet.

    In System Preferences>Network, click on the gear icon in the lower left hand corner. Choose "Set Service Order" and then reorder them so WiFi is first.

    Then, set up your static IP addresses as normal on the Ethernet side. With the services ordered this way, your computer will attempt to resolve any request on the WiFi side (Internet) first, and then try the Ethernet side. Since 192.x.x.x IP addresses don't exist on the open internet, it will always fall through to the Ethernet side.

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