Controlled Testing Supports Apple's Claim of Nearly Equal iPhone 6s Battery Life With TSMC and Samsung Chips

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    Last week Apple addressed concerns over battery life discrepancies between the TSMC and Samsung A9 chips used in the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus, suggesting a real world battery life difference of only two to three percent between the chips despite Geekbench battery tests that had pointed towards a bigger gap.

    Ars Technica has now conducted controlled battery life tests on two iPhone 6s models, one with a TSMC chip and one with a Samsung chip, and its findings line up with Apple's statement. The site used two AT&T models, both with SIM cards removed and screen brightness set at the exact same level.

    In Wi-Fi browsing, WebGL, and GFXBench tests, there were performance differences mostly in favor of the TSMC iPhone, but the variation between the two phones was slight. There was a more significant performance difference on the Geekbench 3 test, but as has been covered earlier, that test is not reflective of real world usage.


    Aside from the Geekbench test, which saw a battery life difference of 28 percent between the two devices, the TSMC iPhone and the Samsung iPhone scored within two to three percent of each other. In Ars' opinion, in the real world, there's going to be little difference between a Samsung iPhone and a TSMC iPhone.
    According to Apple, the comparison of just two devices is too small of a sample size to make meaningful predictions about the performance between iPhones with Samsung chips and those with TSMC chips. As Ars points out, no one but Apple has the resources to collect enough data from enough devices to get an accurate picture of performance.

    Ars Technica's findings do line up with what Apple says it has seen in both lab testing and data gathered from hundreds of thousands of customers. Apple has said the variation between the TSMC and Samsung chips it has observed is "well within its manufacturing tolerances" and is a level of variation that can be seen between devices that have the same chip.

    Article Link: Controlled Testing Supports Apple's Claim of Nearly Equal iPhone 6s Battery Life With TSMC and Samsung Chips
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  4. SSD-GUY, Oct 12, 2015
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    Quick Apple PR payment to ArsTechnica and we get this.

    P.S - How are people saying this isn't a problem. The one test that constantly pegs the phone, Geekbench, shows around a 30% difference between the two chips. There are times when I can use my phone at full load. If I'm commuting, sitting through something boring and play a demanding game etc.
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    Hopefully this will put the other threads to bed. But... I highly doubt it.
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    Get your tin foil hat out.

    It's not really difficult for anyone to do their own testing and post it, regardless of what ars technical says or does.
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    I believe that is the intent of this article.
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    The heavier Geekbench test, on the other hand, showed the TSMC phone lasting an average of 28 percent longer than the Samsung phone.
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    thank you macrumors for continuing to perpetuate bull*** like this! I think most of us knew it was clickbait in the first place.
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    The sample size of only testing two phones is still ridiculous from a statistical point of view.
    e.g. what is the standard deviation of the variations from phone to phone with the same hardware?
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    webGL and GFXBench use a lot of GPU but not CPU, I think Ars Technica is helping Apple to defense
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    Apple even made an statement regarding this so no, they fueled it.
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    /frustratingly packs away -gate kit

    /finds it hard to manufacturer faux outrage

    /waits in corner feeling like my avatar looks.

    What are we going to complain about now?:confused:
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    It's hard to say what real world CPU usage will be. If I spend a lot of my day playing while(1).app, this could be a big deal.
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    I'm the only one to see 22% less battery with samsung chip for intense tasks? I presume if you check your mails this will not change but as soon you open a game or install an ad blocker this will have an impact... Sorry but I wait the next one :) which by miracle will have only one chip inside...
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    If anyone is still upset about this, please take a moment to acknowledge how wonderful your life is that you have the energy to get upset over something ultimately so trivial. You do not, and probably never have had, any real problems. Your life is blessed. Someday when you have a real problem, remember to look back at this privileged niggle with your new perspective and reflect on what a whiney little assclown you were.
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    Quick TSMC PR payment to SSD-GUY and we get this.
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    Good thing everyone lives in a control environment. Whew.
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    If there's no difference between the two chips then let's see which one Apple uses in the iPad Pro.
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    Not going to happen. Mostly, because even Samsung can't meet the demand by themselves, let alone TSMC.

    There was the whole thing with memory units and controllers being manufactured by different companies in the past as well.
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    Regardless, I am still happy with my 6s that carries a TSMC chip in it. :)
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    My 6s Plus has the Samsung chip. I had the TSMC chip the first time but had to return my phone because of dust under the screen. I haven't noticed any battery issues between the two phones and I'm really impressed with the battery in general.

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