Phones Convert to android and loving it?


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Feb 25, 2012
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I would like to start by saying I am a huge Apple fan and that I do not either an Android nor an iPhone(or ANY smart phone for that matter).

I follow the MR forums a lot and for obvious reasons I see a lot of newly converted iPhone users. Many if not all really enjoy the iPhone and would never go back to their previous phone.

My question for you today: Are there any users who are reading this have used both android and iphone and actually miss the android more? or any android converters who are glad they made the switch?

(This is not a hating discussion, I would just like to see if there are actually any die-hard Apple fans out there who enjoy products like a smart phone from other companies besides apple)


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Feb 25, 2012
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Arnezie said:
sorry for the confusion, simply put I just want to see who uses and android phone and actually enjoys it more than an iPhone.


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Jul 10, 2010
I was an iphone user since they originally came out, got there new phones the first day they were available every year up until the 4s.

I was getting tired of the same look iOS since about the mid cycle of the 3gs..Was dissapointed that the 4 did not have major UI changes but the phone was great itself, far better than anything else out there all around so i stuck with it. Started getting really tired of iOS again a few months into the 4. Tried a couple android phones out and they lasted maybe 3hrs before i returned them. Horrible horrible lag, choppiness all around..Stuck with the 4 and hoped for the iphone 5 with a larger screen..

The iphone 4s comes out and i was extremely disapointed that they did not increase the screen size..i mean WTF :confused: .. Did not buy it.

Bought the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon on release day...loved it! Fresh change from iOS and started to fall in love with it. However battery life was horrible and i returned it a week later and bought the 4s..After getting the 4s home i was like wtf i sucked back into the iphone with its puny screen. All i could think about for the next week was the Gnex..Finally i gave in and returned the 4s and got the Gnex again. Battery life has been much better on this one, everyone told me I had dud on the first one which i believe now. The Gnex is lasted slight shorter than the 4s lasted for me.

All in all its getting to a point where Android is much more polished with ICS and there really is no extra learning or whatever when switching from ICS. It's very nice and I would say it is now on par with iOS.


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Oct 31, 2011
I used to have an iPhone but I got a SGS Captivate because of the bigger, SuperAMOLED screen, and I love it. I do plan on switching back to an iPhone next time I upgrade, but if it doesn’t have a larger screen, I will definitely get the SGS III.


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Aug 28, 2010
I went and tried Android twice, and I really don't understand what Android does better than the iPhone, aside from the larger screen.


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May 14, 2010
South FL
Well I own both (actually not just the 4S but we kept the 3GS and 4 as backup), and I love the SGII, at least the AT&T version. And I was one of the ones who did not like Android before and would rag on friends buying them lol. For me it's just perfect overall, great size (4.3" screen in footprint barely larger then the iPhones), speed, screen, customizing (I jailbreak iPhones anyway lol) w/o even flashing a Rom etc. I love the way I have it setup right now with custom icons and Go launcher EX. Though I'll pry flash Hellraiser or something else soon just to play with.

I don't see myself going back unless the iPhone is beyond everything else, but the problem is, Android devices have made such huge improvements, I mean if they reached this level now... just imagine from this point on. Whereas before I would have never chosen an Android device over my iPhones.

Both are great phones, just depends on which you prefer and how tied into the ecosystem you are, in my case even though I have other Apple products and plenty of apps etc, the ecosystem doesn't mean anything to me. I mean I can sync everything fine across various devices (even Apple) with Android, and for the most part easier then iTunes setup. And for media, my setup on the PC at home for the home theater blows away what I'd be limited to on iTunes etc.

So it just depends. Nothing wrong with using either one.


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Mar 2, 2012
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I love Apple products, got hooked when I decided to buy an iMac instead of a new PC. I also own an AT 2 and an old iBook (someone was giving it away, I let my 6 yr olds play on it). I also plan on getting an iPad this year and wouldnt consider a different brand tablet.

All of that being said, I LOVE my Android phone. It's not cutting edge at all (original HTC incredible). I use a bunch of Google services and it ties in nicely to those, the navigation can't be beat, and its UI is pretty customizable without jailbreaking it. I occasionally have a minor bug, but for me its well worth the trade off.


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Feb 3, 2008
Essex (UK)
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I've been trying out all three platforms since the launches of iOS, Android and WP7.

I'm lucky enough to have owned multiple devices across all three platforms but (for now) I am primarily an Android user as my Nexus gets the most use followed by my Titan.

I'm more than willing to pop back into iOS in future (especially as it is far less iTunes dependant now with iOS 5).

We're very lucky to live in this smartphone era. There between iOS, Android and WP7 we have three incredibly good choices of platform.


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Mar 28, 2010
I've been using iPhones for a couple of years now, having gone from the 3G to 4 and today I upgraded to the 4s. I've only had it a couple of hours but so far I don't really see the major difference between the 4 and 4s. I did take a look at some of the Androids at the AT&T store before I decided on the 4s. I might be returning this within the next week and trying out an Android. If I don't try the Android, I'll end up just returning the 4s and going back to the contract status I had before today.


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Jan 25, 2012
West Midlands, England
I previously was a BlackBerry user until i got my hands on the iPhone 3G, i upgraded to the 4 and was stupidly happy, now i have the 4s and again, very pleased, however, iOS is starting to bore me a little now, although it works perfectly i've been looking to jb it etc just to make a few changes and to keep it fresh. Once BlackBerry have QNX on their phones i'll seriously consider going back


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Jan 30, 2010
BlackBerry > iPhone user here. I've owned an Android previously as well.

Without a doubt, I prefer the iPhone in every way. :)


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Jan 30, 2010
I'm confused here: is > an arrow or a "greater than/less than" sign? :confused:
It's an arrow, haha. Sorry for the confusion.

In terms of greater than, I'd say iPhone > Android > BlackBerry > Windows Phone.

I've used them all, but last year, I officially became a BlackBerry to iPhone convert. (great decision, IMO) :D


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Oct 26, 2007
San Juan, PR
It's funny how people come to a an iPhone forum to let everybody knows they change their iphone for an Android phone and now they are so happy... hahahaha


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Feb 24, 2011
Yep got a Galaxy Nexus and loving it.

For me the biggest change is just how open the OS is out of the box. I think for the vast majority of people they would never need to root an Android phone out of the box to get features.

Features like being able to attach stuff inside a email you are writing is just common sense which android has. The ... menu is also a good thing that's common across most apps in android. The phone answering UI is nice with 3 options of answer, don't answer and don't answer and reply with text. Again a nice feature. As is the default to voicemail setting for people you don't want to talk to. Those are a few features that really are common sense things for smart phones but which haven't shown up in iOS yet.


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Dec 6, 2010
I did. I went from HTC Diamond 2 to Touch Pro 2. Then to Nexus One, 3GS, iPhone 4, Galaxy S2, iPhone 4S and finally to Galaxy Nexus.
I like to tinker with my things to my liking and really hate being spoon fed and told what I should do with my purchases. I kept jumping back and forth between Android and iOS because I really liked the slightly smoother experience iOS provides, but always wanted to go back to the Android world of freedom.
The Galaxy S2 is quite a bit faster and smoother than iP4 and 4S, but I got tempted by Siri :p Well Siri is quite gimmicky imo and didn't really help me much. So when the Nexus came out I quickly jumped ship and am happy since then. It is just as smooth and fast as the 4S, and being a Nexus I know I have full support from Google and dev community for at least a year (unlike the S2). ICS is a huge improvement in terms of consistent experience over all parts of the OS, so that's a plus. 4S has no real advantage over the Nexus so I don't see myself switching back at least until iPhone 5.
On a side note, my girlfriend is quite a tech illiterate and doesn't know/want to set her electronics up. I suggested the iPhone and she had been happy since then :)


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Aug 10, 2010
I would like to start by saying I am a huge Apple fan and that I do not either an Android nor an iPhone(or ANY smart phone for that matter).
Kinda like the racist guy that has a "lot" of black friends.

I assume you meant to say you don't own either a droid/apple.


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Jul 3, 2002
Middle Earth
I like to rag on Android simply because it's fun competition and we all get better phones because of this competition.

He look at the bright side could be a Blackberry owner and have their bleak future lol

Perhaps the "New" Apple will bestow upon us a larger iPhone. I'd be happy with a 4" iPhone. More room for goodies inside.


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Jan 11, 2012
I just don't like the choppiness and lag in Android. I like the look of the galaxy nexus (finally they designed something on their own). I think iOS is boring as hell but I don't really care about smart phones so I don't care to switch to Android lol. I figure I hardly ever use my phone so may as well just stick to iOS and have tight integration with my mac. If I used my phone all the time I would seriously consider an Android phone though.


It's funny how people come to a an iPhone forum to let everybody knows they change their iphone for an Android phone and now they are so happy... hahahaha
rofl I know. You what it is though. They want Apple to feel guilty and get sympathy from Apple. Too bad they write to the users instead of the creators lol


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Jan 25, 2011
Had iPhones for about nearly 3years, the 3G, 3GS, and 4.

Switched to a Galaxy S2 in may 2011, and i am really loving Android/SGS2, never lookend back in this last 10 month.

Just waiting for the SGS 3, can`t imagine ever going back to IOS.