Correct password not accepted yet possible to reset


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Feb 11, 2020
Hi everyone,

I couldn't unlock my MacbookPro this morning due to supposedly typing the wrong password but I am 100% sure the password was correct. I tried a few times but to no avail.

When I restarted the computer (by pressing shutdown button a few secs) I was automatically shown a page to reset my password. I was first asked for the Macintosh HD password which i filled in (it was my original pasword that wasn't accepted to unlock the computer) and then I changed my password which gave me access to the machine.

Anyone knows what happened here and if I should be worried about security ?

It looks like anyone who would have gotten his hands on my computer this morning could have changed my password which is a bit concerning.



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Jul 8, 2013
They wouldn’t be able to change your password because they wouldn’t know your password, right? You said it asked for your password before revealing the reset function. That sounds like it’s working as it should. All that stuff goes through the Tx chip on recent mbp models.

edit to add: are you sure every keystroke is registering when typing the password?Do you have a butterfly keyboard?