1. G

    Got my new macbook M1 finalllyy but my fvt discord fails to update? Is it bcz of the M1 chippp?

    am rlllyy concerned... i am unable to playyy its a macbook air and the 8gigs model if anyone wants to knw more abt my machine.
  2. S

    Resolved Need some advice with first MacBook purchase.

    I'm going to start my Bioinformatics program in the fall and with the back-to-school offers from apple starting, I feel like it's time to get a mac laptop for myself. I've used school/work-issued MacBooks before when I was working in the Computational labs for my undergrad and post-bach work and...
  3. H

    Apple Music Apple Music is making noises on My MacBook(M1)

    Isn't it support the lossless audio on a MacBook(M1) too? I found that When I changed a song from AAC to ALAC, occurred a big noise like in the recorded video. I am using Monterey and my friend is using Bigsur but both of these are the same situation. How can I fix this problem? 🥺
  4. H

    Apple Music is making noises on my Mac

    When I turned on the lossless audio and changed the song format from AAC to ALAC, occurred a noise. Recorded video, I changed a song from AAC to ALAC. Surprised by this big noise when I listened to music with my headset. It occurs in both headset and speaker and happens to my friend's Bigsur...
  5. GSWForever8

    Others storage

    On my Mac, the "Others" section takes up 41.41 Gigabytes! Does anyone have some tips to remove some of these without damaging my Mac? Thanks!
  6. S

    MacBook for live-streaming setup.

    Hello, I want to live stream a video podcast and need a great computer that can handle the data load and is semi-portable. The device that takes in all the cameras and audio inputs (3 cams + 3 mics) is an Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO or ATEM Mini Extreme ISO (depending on what I rent). The...
  7. E

    Apple Music Apple Music on Sierra (Lossless)

    Hi guys, I have a Macbook Pro 2013 with Sierra. As Sierra only has Apple Music through the iTunes app, it's not possible to listen to the Lossless tracks? Thanks!
  8. Stuey3D

    Apple Music Cheap DAC for Hi-Res Lossless on USB-C iPad

    Hi all below is an Amazon link for a USB-C DAC that I use myself on my 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 this works perfectly with Apple Music Hi-Res Lossless and for £16 for 2 you cant really go wrong. It claims in iOS that it can do 384Khz 32Bit Audio and Apple Music works perfectly with it so it must be...
  9. J

    Why are MacBooks susceptible to water damage? Humidity/Sweat

    I’ve read all sorts of scenarios and so many people regretted not having apple care. As of now, I don’t have the budget to afford apple care so I’m even more paranoid. Until I have some sort of insurance policy, I get very worried. How can humidity/sweat water damage a MacBook? It gets very...
  10. H

    Do MacBooks have ‘moisture detectors’ in the charging port like iPhones do?

    If the charging cable is a bit wet or if the charging port on the iPhone is a bit wet, iPhones tell you to remove it and plug it later. Does this happen with the MacBooks too? This is a very good integration that I appreciate it, because with these charging ports/cables sometimes they can get...
  11. Bambina

    Resolved Bluetooth not detecting devices

    Yesterday I did a clean install of my OS. Previously, my Macbook's bluetooth had no problem detecting devices, but today none show up. I've tried all the debugging options and I'm about to reset SMC and NVRAM. In case these options do not work, what else can I do? Devices tried: Android...
  12. S

    A2159 gets hot and nothing else?

    Hey all, so a while back I had a friend give me an A2159 (2019 MacBook Pro) chassis with everything in it except for the motherboard to toy around with. I decided a little while back that it was time to buy a board off of eBay to see if I can get it working. So, I buy an untested board for 200$...
  13. P

    Call log/FaceTime issues

    Hi all, I’m having an issue with FaceTime. On my MacBook and iMac I am pretty sure I used to be able to see my recent call list from calls I made on my iPhone. They don’t update anymore. Also if I had a missed call show up on both macs if I cleared it on one it would also clear on the other...
  14. I

    just ordered the MBA M1 with 8GB RAM is it enough for....? do some video and picture editing, office work, presentations, browsing and for watching videos ? or is it more like that I can run every program as good as with 16GB of RAM but can't open as many programs as on the 16GB RAM version? thank you.
  15. AppleManiacNo1

    Old macbook mid 2010

    Hello There. Im using my old macbook 2010 White mid 2010. I loving this model. I have another macbook air 2015, but 2010 is so great and Best. Im going sell my air and only using 2010. I found on YouTube catalina patcher and works great. But I have question guys. Can I speed up this laptop...
  16. gretakacs

    MacBook Air - I'm charging but it shows 'battery is not charging' (the charger is not the problem)

    Hello Everyone, What can I do if my MacBook Air 2020 battery health is normal but the cycle count is only 41? It is extremely slow and even if I'm charging it, it shows 'battery is not charging'. Thanks for any advice! :)
  17. M

    Factory Reset Gone Wrong?

    I recently purchased an old Mid 2009 MacBook Pro from a friend, This is my first MacBook and Apple related device in general. He told me I would need to factory reset it so I looked up how to do so, I proceeded to erase the disk with Disk utility, but after doing that I cannot reinstall the OS X...
  18. B

    MacBook Keyboard Layout Poll

    I’m from The Netherlands and here and in many European countries, you can only buy the US English (original) keyboard layout from Apple. I much prefer the longer Shift and Enter keys compared to the shorter ones on the International layouts. I also like the text better compared to the symbols...
  19. F

    MacBook Air with white bezels

    Just wanted to share this quick mock-up I made of a MacBook Air with white bezels, I personally think it looks great!
  20. J

    What was your ‘estimated delivery’ for a 16GB model and when did it actually get delivered?

    in my case it said ‘from this date to this date’ and then after placing the order it says only one date.. Did yours deliver before or exactly on the day specified?