1. Jennifer Dawn

    MP All Models Forgot Password Mac Book Pro 2013

    I haven’t used my Mac Book Pro 2013 in awhile and I do not remember my user/administrator password. Any advice on retrieving, resetting, and/or opening my Mac?
  2. AjTee

    MBP 2020: Is the touchbar lightning as it should?

    Hi Guys, I just my new MBP 2020. Never had MacBook with Touch Bar before. I wonder if my Touch Bar lights correctly with correct colorisation. Is everything correct? Sorry for a question, but I am checking everything because of 14 days return period. Please see photo below. Regards, J.
  3. J

    When would the 10th CPU be published with Macbook Pro 16 inch?~

    When would the 10th CPU be published with Macbook Pro 16 inch?~ Is it possible in the August this year?:)
  4. AjTee

    MBP 13 inch (2020) - small chip on out of the box device

    Hello, Last week I have ordered my new MacBook Pro 2020 13th inch model in Space Grey colour on store. I noticed small chip which looks like that it came with this unit from factory. This is near trackpad. There is no issues with this device I am OCD person. Please see photos...
  5. budhardy

    144Hz refresh rate on external display

    Hi, I have a Dell S-Series 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Gaming Monitor (S2719DGF); QHD (2560 x 1440) up to 155 Hz; 16:9; 1ms Response time; HDMI 2.0; DP 1.2; USB; FreeSync; LED; Height Adjust, Tilt, Swivel & Pivot I go into my settings on my MacBook Pro and I only see 60hz. I pressed option on...
  6. Jiří Podlipný

    Macbook pro 15' and 60W charging

    Hello, I have Macbook pro 15' 2017 and LG 34uc99, which enables me to charge my laptop with USB-C, but only with 60W. I would like to ask if this could somehow corrupt my battery. I am asking because ma MacBook started wobbling a little bit (front pads are a bit in the air - not much you can...
  7. ruslan120

    TG Pro (Lightweight) Tutorial: Stop Burning your Lap

    I filmed a short tutorial on using TG Pro for new Mac users. This app helps keep temperatures low by increasing Macs' fan rates. I've found that setting the fans a bit faster by default remains inaudible yet boosts performance and more importantly, comfort if using the Macbook on your lap...
  8. Designbymiz

    MacBook Pro and Ipad Pro

    Hello, I'm really excited about posting here. I've been a long time fan of Macrumors and the Apple ecosystem. Not a blind love for Apple, there are obviously a lot of areas for improvements, but the Apple ecosystem by far is the most fun and it's long-lasting products a huge appeal to me. I'm...
  9. C

    My Concepts for a 2021 MacBook Pro 16" With Mini-LED and Apple Silicon

    It took me about an hour to throw these together in Illustrator. These are purely imaginative concepts for a potential lineup of 16 inch MacBook Pros. Let me know what you think of them.
  10. christiann

    MacBook Pro won’t turn on! Charges though.

    HELP-I tried all the solutions I could find online, and it has a battery, I replaced it with an apple one. Been trying for a few hours to get it running-MagSafe comes up as orange. It’s the first MacBook Pro. Images below!
  11. K

    I feel the UI /ICON design of Big Sur unacceptable for me ......anybody the same ?

    Here's the thing, macOS's beautiful design always attracts me and make me feel awesome whenever I use it , I know that many people like the new design and we all have different styles and I mean no offense ,But the new design of macOS Big Sur feels so uncomfortable to me and I just think it is...
  12. K

    Using shim-signed for MBP 2020?

    Hi, i am trying to run refind with shim or Preloader on my Macbook Pro 2020. Without Secure Boot it is no Problem to boot the refind an just use this bootloader to start Catalina/Windows and Linux. But if i activate in the Recovery Mode Secure Boot with Middle Security Mode it always crashes...
  13. kahlil88

    2011 MBP not booting and blue screens

    Got a 17-inch 2011 MacBook Pro that won't boot. Tested with hard drive connected via USB to rule out bad SATA cable. Usually powers off or restarts, but when I try to boot recovery mode or a USB installer it blue screens (doesn't shut off or reboot tho). Strangely enough I can boot Apple...
  14. S

    Adapt roaming thresshold Mac RSSI

    Hi All, I'm experiencing some trouble with roaming on a 2014 Macbook Pro. The macbook is the only client who doesn't roam fast or at all. Turns out the threshold is set at RSSI -75dBm by default, but can you change this to for an example -65dBm or different value? Allready tried the Sudo...
  15. iPodClassic1

    12" MacBook (Early 2016) users, a Q for you!-- Best monitor option?

    Hi! Before anything, thanks for any input, as I am in dire straits when it comes to purchasing a new monitor for lightweight coding, server maintenance and personal usage at home. The LG ultrafine is out of question because I can't find it in my country. So there's only a somewhat limited...
  16. U

    MacBook Pro delivered 6 days early! (and in the future...)

    Customised build of MacBook Pro 13" (8th Gen) Ordered: (2020.05.25) 25 May Shipped: (2020.05.27) 27 May (from China) Expected delivery (from Apple orders portal): (2020.06.10) 10 June Delivered: (2020.06.04.1100) 4 June (today!) Total distance: 10,570.14 km (6,567.98 mi) (average of 1100km a...
  17. M

    Super Conflicted

    thank you for the help!
  18. Z

    presentations from a distance

    Is there an ability to change the slides of a Keynote presentation on my MacBook, remotely at a 2-3m distance?
  19. macpot

    Macbook's butterfly keyboard issues is not about dust/debris at all!

    ~Last year, my old 2016 Macbook Pro got completely unusable because of the keyboard issue (it started after a few months and wasn't a big deal, then it got much worse over time), so I bought a brand new Macbook Air 2018 thinking a keyboard cover will save me, from the day one, I've put a...
  20. nnavas13

    Is my MacBook Pro battery over?

    I own a MBP 13" Late 2013 (i5,8GB,512) since it release. I have read in the Apple Support page that the maximum cycle count for this device is 1000 cycles while my Mac has already 1313. Does this mean that my battery is almost over? Right now it lasts me quite a few hours without problem.