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  1. R

    MacBook Pro M1 PRO 16" Trackpad issues (pinch-to-zoom, swipe back, force touch) since December on 2 UNITS

    Hello, I received my MBP 16" M1 Pro in December. I also have another one with the exact same specs from work. Both of them have the same frustrating problem. Randomly, the pinch-to-zoom and swipe back gestures stop working. Force touch also stops working during that time. For the very limited...
  2. TripleYoThreat

    Matte Black x Rose Gold 12" MacBook 2017!

    Hi all! Hope all are well! This idea struck me well before Apple's midnight Macbook. I realized that if I could get the top case in hand with no electronics, I should be able to paint it any way. I decided to plasti dip it, my first time working with plasti dip. I made it a fun little project...
  3. M

    A1342 battery screws

    Hi guys, I just bought a partially complete A1342 Macbook. I know it's ancient, but I like the keyboard and form factor, plus I got it nearly for free. Anyways, it came without HDD, bottom cover and battery, all of which I have sourced by now. The thing is, it also came without the screws that...
  4. TitanTiger

    Question about scissor-switch keyboards

    So I'm trying to get a clear understanding of which Apple laptops have the scissor-switch keyboard mechanisms vs the butterfly ones. I haven't found a definitive list anywhere and want to avoid buying or recommending the butterfly-style ones to anyone. Can someone either list or point me to a...
  5. A

    MacBook M1 and Chrome

    Hi all For anyones use MacBook M1 with 8 GB. If you had opened 35 tabs in Chrome has Memory in Activity Monitor still green ? Does it still snappy for browsing ? Thank
  6. S

    New M2 MBA is a missed opportunity.

    In my opinion, Apple's design decisions with the new MBA are a missed opportunity. Instead, they should have released TWO devices to better differentiate their product line while covering more ground - as is, too many people of too many different stripes will be underserved, and Apple's product...
  7. E

    iCloud Notes not syncing between iCloud and Mac

    My notes sync between my iPhone and iCloud no problem. But they will not sync between my macbook (15" macbook pro 2018 model) and icloud or icloud and the macbook. This started about two weeks ago. I thought it might be because the icloud drive was full, so i cleared that out. Nope. I signed out...
  8. A

    Photos App Stop Upload Photos

    Hi all I was using MacBook Pro 2017 and High Sierra 10.13.6 Recently photo taken using iPhone 6s wasn't upload to Photos App in the MackBook Pro. The photos available in iCloud and also upload to Photos App in iPhone. iCloud still has free space arounf 3 GB. I have sign out and sign in iCloud...
  9. H

    Home Office / Music Studio Storage Solution

    Setting up an office/music studio with a couple of 1st Generation Mac Pros, a 2018 256GB MacBook Air, and a 2019 256GB MacBook Pro. Want to put the laptops in cool looking stands and run them in clamshell mode if possible. Not sure due to the fans. Will likely be picking up a Mac Studio in the...
  10. SSpiro

    2016 MB: Hardware is dying off..

    I've been using my MB since 2016, love this laptop and still is everything I need. I replaced the stupid butterfly keyboard and the battery back in January and it's been running well. I went to use the laptop a couple of days ago and it wouldn't boot up. Battery was fully charged. I plugged it...
  11. GoztepeEge

    Sidecar Issues and Bugs, is that normal? (MBP 14" M1 Pro + iPad 9)

    Hello all! I started using Sidecar solution and I noticed lots of bugs, hence I decided to open this thread to see your opinions and possible workarounds. I am using a MBP 14" 2021 M1 Pro, and this week I also purchased an iPad 9. There is already an external monitor connected to my MBP via a...
  12. R

    Macbook Gray Screen Before Login Issue

    Hi guys, I am facing an issue lately that I have tried to fix but unfortunately without success. After I updated the macOS version of my Macbook Pro 2019 15" Touchbar the laptop has a weird issue on start-up. The screen where the Apple logo appears is now gray instead of black. The laptop...
  13. K

    Resolved I want to buy used MacBook in Liberia west Africa $400 cash. For video editing and graphics design.

    For video editing and graphics design. I need to start working on Macbook which I haven't used yet since it came. But regularly I use other brands.
  14. Roman25

    No iMessage sound while Macbook turned on

    Hi guys, I have a Macbook Pro 15 2017, iPhone 13 Pro and Watch Series 5. The problem is that while my macbook is turned on, there is no sound or vibration of new iMassage on my iPhone not even on my apple Watch. I do not have turned on Do not disturbed or any of the focus modes. I have sounds...
  15. K

    How much power can the thunderbolt ports provide ?

    Hi all, I just got my Mac Studio (with M1 Max inside), that I use in tandem with a MacBook when on my main desk, and I was wondering if it was possible to link them via usb-c/thunderbolt to provide both high speed network and power for the MacBook. So I tried, and it seems to work quite well, I...
  16. Michael.S

    What used Macbbook to choose?

    My current A1286 mid 2012 15" 2.6 i7 quadcore 16 GB 2TB SSD recently lost the screen function, so I am trying to replace it. If that does not work, I was thinking to buy a used replacement macbook without spending too much money as I need a 2nd screen next to me Thunderbolt display. My budget...
  17. dgian


    Hello fellows ! Just did a clean re install of the Monterey OS and found out that an extra partition appears under Macintosh HD - having the same name and then a 3rd one Macintosh HD - Data. (please have a look at the attached photos) I am sure when i was deleting the OS i clicked on the 1st...
  18. crysis21

    Dual monitor LG G950 UHD 4k@120hz setup on M1 Max?

    Hey everyone, I've been researching this topic for the past week, but I couldn't find any clear answer. While the specs on the Apple's website state that the M1 Pro and M1 Max can run at least 2 external monitors at 6k@60hz, I was wondering if anyone tested the M1 Max in a dual monitor setup...
  19. Mezelluf

    Mac Wallpapers I made.

    I'll be posting all the Mac wallpapers I make here and you can also make a request, enjoy! :)
  20. sierramist

    15-inch MacBook is my dream machine

    13 inch MBP user here and it is not an M1. Phew.. Yeah, it sucks at this point. I have long waited for the day I finally give this machine a proper place called the bottom drawer and embrace the sassy new Apple Silicon Mac. But I don't like MBPs to be honest. They have this flat and thick...