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  1. Edx09

    iPad iPad as the only device

    There are always these questions about Mac vs iPad (Pro) and I felt like sharing my experience. I decided to switch to iPad back in 2016 after the original (1st gen) iPad Pro hit the market. I ditched my 13” MacBook Pro and never looked back. I always used my private devices for work and...
  2. R

    Newbie with Macbook, please help me

    Hello guys. I am 75 years old and i writing to you because I bought a very expensive new device -Macbook pro m3 pro- and I never used it because i have doubts about whether the use I am making is correct and if I could be damaging it. I would like to know how to take care of the battery. I saw...
  3. M

    screen discoloration (??)

    hey yall, im very new to this forum but i had a quick question. idk if anyone can see it from what i have linked but, theres like a line of discoloration on my mac(maybe??). to my knowledge i haven’t damaged it or anything, sometimes i fall asleep with it right next to me from watching netflix...
  4. L

    MacBook Air grey screen of death

    Hi all, my niece's 2012 MacBook Air has gone as dead a dodo. When powering on, after 2 seconds the startup-chime sounds, followed immediately by a grey screen, then nothing. It just stays on the grey screen indefinitely. I've tried resetting NVRAM, resetting the SMC, going in to recovery mode...
  5. V

    Database with vendor/device ids of PCI devices found on MacBook and Mac

    Hi all, has anyone ever attempted to build a complete database of PCI devices found on MacBook/Pro and Mac computers? If not, would you be willing to help me with building one? :) The intention is to improve Mac/MacBook hardware support by the non-Apple OSes (Linux, BSD, Haiku etc). If you're...
  6. Tsepz

    Got a MacBook Air M1 in 2024

    Took delivery of my new M1 MBA last week Thursday and have now had it for over a week and so far so good, have to say I am incredibly happy with this machine, especially using it with my iPad Pro with the Side Car feature, truly impressive. The last time I had a MBA was back in 2018 when I had...
  7. J

    Universal iTunes number of plays issue

    I’ve recently switched my iTunes from a Microsoft environment to an Apple MacBook Air. Previously when I synced my classic iPod to iTunes it updated songs with plays from my iPod As well as plays on iTunes On my laptop. Since I switched to the MacBook it only shows plays from my MacBook not my...
  8. Res3387

    MacBook Air M2 makes clicking noise when closing lid

    My MacBook Air M2 (base config) makes this clicking noise when I close the lid. It only happens when I close it, and it sometimes does not happen (usually if I open the lid to its maximum and wait for a few moments). When I open it, there's no click (there's a minor sound exactly when the...
  9. P


    I have a 12" retina MacBook from 2015 running macOS big sur(no macbook air, no macbook pro.) and need your help, because its not booting whatsoever. allthough the battery is in pretty bad condidtion, it used to work. then it started shutting off randomly and saying the battery is dead, now its...
  10. RazorBackXX

    How to Batch Format Number Sequence in videos.

    I have a M1 Mac running Sonoma. I use a program called Downie to download music videos off my YouTube playlist, when I do this it creates a number sequence that can go up to 100. how do I format it to remove it? is there a shorthand way of doing it. everyday I batch rename photos & videos. & if...
  11. T

    Apple Magic Mouse 2 freezes when used with AirPods Pro on MacBook?

    I have a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017). Using Mojave. I can't seem to properly use both my Airpods Pro and Apple Magic Mouse 2 at the same time. The AirPods can have the mic stop working or sound drop occasionally. Or what's happening more often is the mouse cursor stalls for like 5 seconds...
  12. J

    MacBook Pro and Android Phone

    Hey everyone, I want to ask those who are regularly using a MacBook for their work and entertainment, and an Android phone - is it doable? What features do you miss on? I know iPhone is the core of Apple ecosystem and I recently purchased a MacBook as my main device (16inch, M3 Pro) but I just...
  13. C

    Would MacBooks come without chargers in the future?

    I just watched a discussion on the TV that electronic devices have to be sold without power adapters (chargers) and most probably even without power cables in the EU. So, it would be interesting, if MacBooks would be sold without chargers and the "monopoly" on chargers would end?
  14. RazorBackXX

    How To Delete A Home Folder With Terminal or Other Option?

    hey my friends, I recently made a account for my girlfriend so she could do some organizing. (using a tiny SE wasn't cutting it) & after she was finished I deleted her account. I made sure to select the (Delete home folder options as well) & her folder is still there. I have tried deleting it &...
  15. TheFIXMC

    How to update my IOS 10.12.6

    Hello, I have a MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) that I upgraded the hard drive and memory of this past year and it works great, but I can't update the OS because doesn't support these old products anymore. Does anyone know how I can update my OS and where to get a reliable download? Im...
  16. M

    Advice on the following Macbook pro 14" configs

    Hi everyone, thanks for reading! I have found the following available 14" configs in my area and I would appreciate some tips on which would be the best bang for my buck. I don't have any laptop right now so this is not an upgrade, and I do programming, some indie game development and ideally...
  17. N

    Is this amount of black light okay in a 3 days new MacBook Air M2 2023 15”

    I want to know if I’m being too excessive or is this NOT normal for a new computer?
  18. L

    macbook air - sonoma: sleep timer

    Hello everyone. I need help please... I have macbook air M1 that was upgraded to sonoma but I am loosing my mind as I can't find energy saver option or any resembeling option that would allow me to just set a simple sleep timer to turn off my computer after 60 min (even if there is music or some...
  19. RazorBackXX

    Safari Extension for autofilling job applications? Is

    Hey my friends quick question I'm sick and tired of copying and pasting things into all these job applications. Is there a way to auto fill it? There's a new extension in the chrome browser called simplify copilot but I hate Google and I don't want to use anything Google related especially...
  20. RazorBackXX

    Using Spotlight to do all my safari searching possible?

    is this possible with raycast or Alfred or even spotlight? I love the spotlight & im sick of opening safari, call me lazy sure but I wanna know if its possible to type in what I want to look for in spotlight then press enter or whatever button is programmed & then take me to a list of searches...