Could This P4 System be Upgraded to a Core 2 duo or better?


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My house (well, my fathers house :p) is primarily all Macs at this point. We got our first Mac in 2002 (the 17" iMac G4) and never got another PC again. And from June 2004 to November 2009 our old PC (a Dell Dimension P3 600 Mhz from 1998) hasn't been connected to the internet. My siblings and I have mainly used that computer to play PC games such as roller coaster tycoon and BVE and other stuff.
Anyway, a few months ago a friend of my father's gave us a Dell Dimension 2400 which has a 2.66 GHz P4. He gave them away because he business was upgrading to new computers. My father and I, both being computer enthusiasts, wanted it to have this as our project. We recently put a new ethernet card, and just today installed 2 GB of RAM (before it had a measly 512 MB). The only limitation on this computer seems to be it's processor, a P4.

I keep reading that on PC's (and Macs) you can upgrade the processor without changing the mother board. Would this mother board take a C2D or better? The wattage doesn't seem like a problem considering that it is 200 -250 W and those C2D's/i5's are 45-100 W.

Now I really don't know much about sockets and what not, and I don't know what processors would work if at all. This is where your help comes in. Hopefully Eidorian will see this thread because it seems like he's an expert on this stuff.

EDIT: I've been looking at processors on this page:


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May 31, 2004
different socket. won't fit. you could probably go to a faster P4, but it won't really be worth it. use it or ditch it.


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May 7, 2006
Short answer is that yes, you probably can find something faster/better that will fit in that processor socket, but it'll hardly be worth the cost. There's no way you'll get any dual-core processor to work in that socket. If you were super-lucky, there might be an early Pentium D that would work, but you'd probably be stuck with another P4.
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