CPU Fan Issues with 2011 iMac

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    I have 2011 21.5" iMac that I had an SSD installed on in December. I didn't feel comfortable doing the installation myself so I took it to an authorized apple service center that installed the SSD for me. I did experience issues with the HDD fan speed but I installed the HDD fan control monitor app and everything now works fine with the HDD fan. However, I am now experiencing issues with the CPU fan. After having my iMac on for a few minutes the fan speeds up to 4000rpm with no applications even running. I have reset the smc and pram and also tried other fan control software like istat pro and smc fan control. Unfortunately, these applications only allow you to set a minimum cpu fan speed and there doesn't seem to be a way to prevent the cpu fan from going to 4000rpm.

    Do you think the CPU fan issues are related to installing the SSD? I have considered taking it to apple but with the SSD installed on it am I still able to receive apple service? Has anyone else experienced issues with the CPU fan after installing and SSD?

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    Please let us know what ssd is in your iMac. Then we can help you decide on a fix.

    The screen shot below shows the ssd in my mac mini.

    1)I put it in my mac mini so it would not be covered by applecare.
    2)My mac mini does not have an ssd as an official apple BTO so it would not be covered.
    3)My ssd is a mushkin ssd not an apple ssd so it would not be covered.

    Your case is different;

    A) First of all you took it to an authorized apple service center so you need to deal with them first,before you go to apple store for any service.

    1) You used an authorized apple service so that is good.
    2) If Your iMac has a ssd bto that is good. Some 2011 21 inch iMacs do some don't
    3) if the people did not put in an apple ssd it will not be covered by apple care.

    Please let us know what the ssd is. Also which is the 2011 imac you have,

    the 2.7 quad core and the 2.8 quad core are good and have the bto option.

    the 2.5 inch quad core does not have the ssd option.

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