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Should Apple Implement CMD+X and CMD+V in Finder?

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Jun 12, 2015
It's 2016 and Apple still hasn't added this basic functionality into the finder... at least not properly. The UNIVERSALLY accepted method to cut/paste has always and forever should be cmd+x and then cmd+v. This is true for all applications I've ever come across except for the Finder. For the love of god, WHY?

Apple's El Capitan System Integrity Protection (SIP / rootless) has effectively shut down 3rd party developers ability to continue work on applications such as XtraFinder and TotalFinder. I've tested both these apps even with SIP turned off and while most features work, cut/paste do not. Keep in mind that these two apps allow you to have coloured icons in the sidebar, chrome styled tabs and even classic highlighted files/folders (instead of the dots via labels). When these apps worked in Yosemite and earlier, cut files/folders would fade out a little, displaying a confirmation to the user specifically which files are going to be moved around. You could then move/rename/delete/etc. other files/folders without having to worry about mistakingly moving the wrong ones before finally hitting cmd+v as the faded ones always showed you which ones NOT to touch.

If you did not paste, and decided to hit cmd+x on another set of files/folders, the old ones would fade back in and the newly selected files/folders would fade out.

Here are two videos showing how ridiculously OBVIOUS it is and should be to cut/paste files in Microsoft Windows:

So what's the solution for Apple? It is:

CMD + C to cut
CMD + ALT/OPT + V to paste

But cmd+c is known everywhere else as COPY and pasting is not ergonomic, it's like boxing with your keyboard but more importantly, ITS NOT A STANDARD.

So... what's the solution? Well one I've come to is with BetterTouchTool. It still works in El Capitan and it is possible to set shortcuts for the Finder. Therefor:

cmd+x = cmd+c
cmd+v = cmd+alt/opt+v

But of course, it doesn't fade out said 'cut' files (because theyre not actually set to being cut, they're set to being copied).

But why the hell do we need to do this? If you go into System Preferences and notice under Keyboard, there ARE systemwide shortcuts you can set for certain things in OS X.... just not the one that people actually DO use?! Jesus christ.

What is the reason for Apple being so stupid about this kind of stuff?!


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Sep 23, 2008
Copying and moving files makes more sense to me and moving entire files to an invisible clipboard is just not a good idea to me. There are plenty of other tools available that can provide a clipboard-like functionality, like Dropshelf. With the level of frustration you expressed about that green button, I thought you would have gone back to your great, universal Windows by now.
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bent christian

Nov 5, 2015
command + C, command/option + V is a Move keyboard command, not copy and paste.

Windows, OSX, and Linux all have their own keyboard shortcut quirks. It's best to learn all individually. Not a big deal.
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