1. haralds

    Big Sur Volumes on Catalina

    I am scratching my head about Apple's sloppy approach of the Big Sur volume appearance on Catalina. It would not have taken much to make the system appear seamless for multi boot. But it also appears to be inconsistent. I installed by adding a Big Sur volume to a container already containing one...
  2. C

    Sorting "open" Finder dialog box the same as Finder when browsing?

    Hey everyone, Just had to format a Macbook. Running Catalina. I had this set up before and remember it being a pain in the *** to set up last time and can't remember how to get it back. In Finder, I use column view to sort by date modified with the most recent file at the top. I want that...
  3. A

    Does Big Sur have 2 finger swiping sorted in Finder ?

    I'm hoping that this mess has been sorted out; You can swipe back in finder only if it's set to 3 fingers, specifically, but the swipe direction is reversed.
  4. M

    Spotlight not showing finder folders

    Hi guys, I have a problem to which I don't find any solution. Spotlight is not showing any finder folders anymore. Rebuilding the index, meddling with the spotlight privacy settings, or any first page google suggestions did not work. Curiously, finder folders on an external hard drive do show...
  5. haralds

    Finder slow with lots of volumes mounted?

    I have noticed a slow down over several versions of macOS in Finder response with a lot of drives and volumes. I just added a 10TB USB3 external drive. Throughput with it is good (as expected.) But the Finder has become really sluggish. I have 18 volumes on 11 drives on a Mac Pro. All but the...
  6. gebseng

    Finder in Catalina: changed "Open in New Tab" behaviour

    Hi everyone, It seems that the Finder "Open in New Tab" behaviour has changed in 10.15. Whereas in 10.13, "Open in New Tab" would open a tab with the selected folder at the beginning, now it simply opens a new tab, with the same path as before 10.13: path in first tab...
  7. B S Magnet

    Resolved The “Open With…” Finder fly-out thread

    Something’s been low-key nagging at me for a little while as I flip-flop between machines running Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard, versus running stuff newer like Sierra (or Mountain Lion, via VMware): What’s the process behind the “Open With…” fly-out in Finder and why does it behave...
  8. L

    How to fix automatic horizontal scrolling in Finder

    When I select a directory in Finder, it causes the horizontal scrollbar to automatically move all the way to the left. This makes it so that I can't see what I actually have selected. In most cases, all I can see is the very end of the highlight bar, and the right pointing arrow at the end of...
  9. M

    Finder in Catalina is less stable than other previous OS?

    I have the impression that Finder in Catalina is less stable that what it was with previous OS. I'm having some tedious issues but all them seem to have Finder in common. Some examples: - Finder / Network, looking for 2 different machines (Imac + Imac + MacBookPro 16"), all connected to the...
  10. videosoul

    Single application Dark Mode... possible?

    Has anyone yet worked out how to make Dark Mode work in just one application on macOS? I've found the terminal commands (NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance etc), NightOwl, and another similar program (I forgot what it's called). But the way all of them seem to work is Dark Mode needs to be turned...
  11. N

    Music folder much bigger than itunes library

    Hi, my itunes library says its 627Gb. However the itunes Music folder, once i excluded all the apps/podcasts etc, just the Music folder, is 673Gb. Why is that? I tried importing it all into itunes, and no new tracks are added. So its not like there are lots of files in the Music folder, that...
  12. A

    WEIRD TOPIC - Finder Folder Sorting Issue

    Hey Everyone, I have a bazar question I would like to ask pertaining to folder organization problems, which effects my OCD. For well over a year now, some of my folders appear to be out of order and randomly positioned. This happpens in certain sections of my external hard drives file path...
  13. urtext

    About Finder: ‘DS Version 1.14.4’ (macOS Catalina 10.15.4)

    Since 10.15.4 in the About Finder window a new line ‘DS Version 1.14.4’ appeared. Does somebody knows what this means?
  14. S

    Getting jpeg dimensions

    Hi All, In previous OSs, to find out the hxw dimensions of an image, you'd goto File>Info and in the box under More Info, it would give you height x width in pixels. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get something like this in Catalina (I've been searching!), without opening the file...
  15. U

    Missing Finder Windows

    I have an issue with Finder and apparently also with other applications: I frequently experience that Finder windows don't show up, they get lost. Finder lists them in the Window menu but I can not make them visible. Selecting Window/Bring all to front results in nothing. Clicking on "Show all...
  16. S

    Windows are sorting files in reverse order

    Bizarre new issue. If I look at the contents of a folder in icon view, and I try to sort the files by date created or date modified, it puts the newest files first and the oldest files last. This is not how I remember this ever working. If I want to sort by date created I want it in order of...
  17. U

    Sony bluetooth headphones will not connect.

    System preferences repeatedly freezes every time I try and control bluetooth settings. Same thing occurs when accessing the settings from finder so have to relaunch that as well. Sony WH-CH700N Headphones will pair by bluetooth (headphone buttons will work as well), but there will be no option...
  18. organicCPU

    Hide inactive tabs in Window Menu

    Does anyone know how to customize the Finder Menu Bar Window Menu so that it reverts to the former behavior? I'd like that the alphabetically ordered list of open windows at the menu's bottom is showing just the active window tabs again and none of the inactive tabs. TL;DR; Until the switch to...
  19. Kes.Siebring

    Finder bug : can not open/copy/move files

    Running the latest Catalina (fresh install) on iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017). At some random point of time I'm no longer able to open or copy/move any file : When I try to open any file a get an error dialog message saying that <filename> can not be opened. Error log shows that...
  20. R

    Connecting an iPad/iPhone - Finder does not recognise them

    Using Catalina 10.15 (non-beta) here. I have a sudden need to access a file on the iPad, for which the recommended method is via a cable. Unfortunately, Catalina does not recognise my iPad or iPhone. I am worried that my Finder suffering from some minor corruption, since I don't see other...