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Apr 12, 2001

With the release of macOS Mojave in September, Apple introduced a Dark Mode to its desktop operating system that some users prefer the look of, or just find more forgiving on the eyes. Many third-party apps have followed suit with their own darkened interfaces, and now it looks like a similar interface option is also headed for Microsoft Office.

MS PowerPoint in Dark Mode

Microsoft Office product manager Akshay Bakshi has been teasing as much on social media, with two tweets posted on October 29 and 30 indicating that users of Office for Mac will soon have the ability run at least some apps included in the productivity suite in a new native Dark Mode.

Look closely at the Pictures icon. Office running on macOS Mojave in Dark Mode. #OfficeInsiders #office365 - Akshay Bakshi 🎉 (@AgentAkki) October 29, 2018

According to the tweets, Dark Mode will be available in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, featuring new dynamic ribbon and icon styling. Users signed up to the Insiders Fast community getting access to the visual refresh first in build 181029.

📣 Office Visual Refresh and Dark Mode support rolling out now to Insiders Fast with build 181029! 🎀 New Ribbon and icon styling in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. 🌙 Dark Mode in Word, Excel and PPT on macOS Mojave. #office365 - Akshay Bakshi 🎉 (@AgentAkki) October 30, 2018

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Apr 9, 2012
That’s like Darth Vader happy to finally openly wear his black outfit :eek:
(are you hearing that tune, too?)
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Mar 15, 2009
It’s like everything is switching from this bright-white-transparent look to gray/black.


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Aug 27, 2012
Ugh no Outlook? The one I'm forced to stare at, jack around with, and spend eons searching through all damn day?
They are still polishing Outlook but it will also get the new design/ribbon. Check @AgentAkki on Twitter.


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Jun 27, 2007
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What about a dark mode for Mac Rumors? has one and it looks great
DPReview has a dark mode? Hah, they were born in the dark. You mean that they didn't even have a light mode until two years ago, lol.

Anyway, I came here to say the same thing about websites in general. A dark mode is all good and fine until websites start supporting it. I do web design and development, and as far as I know, there isn't a media query for it yet. There has been talk about a standard coming, and then browsers have to implement it. This would enable developers to easily see if a user has their system set to dark mode and then provide their own override stylesheet. There are extensions that will do this, but they aren't perfect. It's best for a website designer to make certain that the site dark mode looks good and meshes with their brand identity. Using queries to modify style sheets shouldn't be a ton of additional work for a web designer because it's just a matter of swapping out color variables. The hard work (all the typography and responsive structure) is already done. Though some sites are rather expansive, so it depends how well organized you are and how long it will take to test all the different scenarios to make sure something doesn't clash or lose contrast as there are WCAG accessibility guidelines that we also have to follow (or at least should be following).
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Mar 30, 2004
Just updated. Outlook does not support dark mode yet. And you must use "Colorful" Office theme to get dark mode.


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Sep 20, 2004
WTF? They can do dark mode but can’t make clear documents? o_O


Dec 22, 2017
As much as I like dark mode on the Mojave interface, in MS Word it looks a bit weird to have black menus and side bars, but with an-all white content space. Ah well, I could not expect this area to be dark(er) although a slightly off-white would have helped with the strain one gets from being exposed to the white space radiated to you all the time. What do you guys think?

Emanuel Rodriguez

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Oct 17, 2018
Great. Now we all can appreciate a good looking interface while we wait for the apps to respond.
Microsoft developers really are clueless when it comes to making a piece of software. Don't get me wrong, the design of the thing is fine, but it freezes too much. They block the main thread far too often. You see it on Windows all the time. Just one of many bad habits Windows developers learn from their poor role model.

Oh well.


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Mar 21, 2014
On the dark mode update, it's a rolling update. Not everyone will get the relevant update right away - Fast Ring updates are enabled on 3 of my company's Macs and also my personal Mac, only 1 of those 4 have Dark Mode options despite the same build number. Chatting with my MS rep she alluded to most of the Fast Ring subs getting a Dark Mode update pushed by or on this coming Sunday. Patience...
What about a dark mode for Mac Rumors?
Chrome+epichrome SSB+Dark Reader Extension=Beautious MacRumors in Dark Mode. QED.
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