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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AppleFreak89, Jun 15, 2010.

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    When I almost got my order in on, it made me select a text plan (I selected pay-per-use, which is what I have now), then went to the data plan page. Unlimited was selected, and there were no other options. So apparently they've made it as difficult as possible for you to screw yourself during the purchase process, which is kinda nice.
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    You're in Florida, so I assume you're talking about AT&T.

    Data plans are still mandatory for all smartphone users. But AT&T has made two major changes:

    1) They've introduced two-tiered pricing on two new capped data plans, at $15 for 200 MB and $25 for 2 GB, whereby smaller consumers have the option to pay a lower rate, and they can move back and forth between the two rates at will as their consumption patterns change -- they can even switch mid-cycle, with pro-rated pricing for the portions of the month spent on each tier of service. The two tiers of data have overage rates of $15 per additional 200 MB and $10 per additional 1 GB, respectively. However, if you take an active role in switching your plans around when you're in danger of facing an overage on the 200 MB plan, you shouldn't ever need to pay for overages at any rate other than $10 per 1 GB rate.

    2) They've eliminated the unlimited tier of data pricing.

    If you've already got the unlimited smartphone data plan, you are welcome to keep it. But if you ever switch it off in favour of one of the two new tiered plans, then you won't be permitted to switch back to the unlimited plan at any point in the future.

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