DDR4 2400??

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by vbctv, Dec 10, 2018.

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    I went to Microcenter yesterday to just inquire about RAM upgrades. Found out they don’t put the RAM in unless it’s the official Apple RAM and he quoted me around $450 for 16GB. But the guy said to do it myself that it’s very easy as he’s done a bunch of them.
    They don’t sell the 2666 but they sell the 2400 and he said to get that, it will work. But I didn’t buy it because it says 2666 and n my Mac. Would 2400 work and would I see any problems, figure I would ask on here before I looked into it.
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    Jun 6, 2016
    You can buy the 2666 online for pretty much the same price! Literally no reason to downgrade your ram speed.

    Also, if you are going to go through the process of upgrading it, you might as well go 32GB, which is the best bang for your buck right now (compared to what apple charges). Would be almost infinitely future proof and resale value would be quite high.

    I sold the two 4GB sticks that came out for $40 together on eBay so youll get a little money back.
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    Another guy at Microcenter told me to wait til next year because RAM prices are expected to fall big tome because of the price fixing lawsuits against the RAM makers right now, so I may wait even... I read something like that online also about 2019.
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    Yeah, DRAM prices are expexted to fall in the first half of 2019, also due to overcapacity. I expect 16GB DRAM modules to hit 75$ in the next months whereas now they are at ~110$.
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    Ram prices go up and down like the tides.

    I have purchased 2 sticks of 16 gb ddr4 2133 ram for as low as 129.

    That was sept 2017 32gb ram for 129.

    I have seen that same ram as high 300.

    As for 2133 2400 2666 speeds I think the mini can do all of those speeds.

    My older minis 2012 could do 1333 or 1600 2 sticks of 8gb total of 16gb.
    They could even do 1 1333 and 1 1600 but they would read as 2 sticks of 1333.

    Right now I have a dell optiplex 7060 micro . It has 1 stick of ddr4 crucial 16 gb 2400 stock and 1 stick of 16gb micron 2133. Total of 32gb and it reads 32gb ram at 2133.

    I suggest waiting until feb 2019 and getting ram then.

    What work do you do with the machine you may be able to use 16gb total and it will be more then enough

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