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    EDIT: It appears @swamprock has left the forums, however we're not sure yet. If he has left, then this theme is done. His files are everything, so consider this thread and theme done. We can just hope that the PPC Archive team releases a Tiger version of the pack!

    All of the information below is left for reference purposes only.

    Recently, @swamprock came out with build 1 of his macOS Sierra Theme for Tiger. The main difference between this and the Leopard version is that Tiger uses different files for it's UI elements. Leopard uses ArtFile and SArtFile for it's UI elements, but Tiger uses Extras and Extras2.rsrc, as well as some other .rsrc files. @swamprock has released 2 of these .rsrc files: Extras.rsrc (for most of the user interface) and Finder.rsrc (for some buttons and other things in the Finder). He also has posted a file called search.bundle, which will change the Spotlight icon in your menu bar. These combined with other resources, such as the About This Mac window and icons, will give you a full macOS Sierra Theme for Tiger.
    The theme includes:
    -Traffic lights
    -Other user interface elements (buttons, checkboxes, etc.)
    -Menu bar
    -Icons (in the near future, not yet)
    -And More!

    How can you install it? Well swamprock's files are posted in the other thread. However, there will be an easy installer out soon, which will install all of the files except for the icons (icons will be in the package soon!). For icons, use the Yosemite pack on the PowerPC Archive. EDIT: The Yosemite pack will not work on Tiger. You need an older version of CandyBar of the Archive and then you need to supply your own icons off of the internet or from your own Mac. Note that this is for Tiger ONLY! Installing Finder.rsrc or search.bundle on Leopard will hose your system. You've been warned, and neither me nor swamprock is responsible is that happens.

    I made this into a separate thread because the Tiger and Leopard themes are different, and the Tiger theme should have a separate thread. Now it will be easier to track the different projects.

    Note that this has not yet been approved by the PPC Archive team, so if anybody there wants be to take this down, I will. Also, feel free to use any resources provided here in the Leopard theme.

    As of now, the files you can download are build 1. There's still some work to be done. Unless a build 2 is released in the next 2 or 3 hours, the final package will also install build 1.

    This post will be updated as the project receives updates. Some screenshots are coming very soon. And thanks @swamprock, you did almost everything here. He has worked very hard to scale Yosemite resources, as well as getting resources from other themes (like Good Gray and Mountain Leopard). Remember, if anybody working on the original theme wants this to go down, it will. Thanks for reading!
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    Sorry that the installer isn't out yet, I'm having some problems. I also need to get new icons installed before I share screenshots.
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    @swamprock, how did you get the new icons on your Tiger Mac? The old CandyBar version works, but I can't find good icons.

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