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Apr 12, 2001

Amazon has returned the 512GB 16-inch MacBook Pro (16GB RAM, 2.6GHz Intel Core i7) to its low price of $2,099.99, down from an original price of $2,399.00. Amazon is automatically discounting the notebook to $2,199.00, and then once you add it to your cart, you'll see an additional $99.01 taken off at checkout.

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This remains one of the best deals that we've tracked to date for the 512GB 16-inch MacBook Pro, and it's $100 under the discount price seen at retailers like Adorama and B&H Photo. On Amazon, only the Silver option is available at $2,099.99.

In other MacBook Pro deals, you can get the new 512GB 13-inch MacBook Pro for $1,299.00, down from $1,499.00. This is one of the first and best discounts on the newest MacBook Pro models, and it's being matched at Best Buy.

For even more information on the best deals and offers on Apple's MacBook family, be sure to head over to our Best MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Deals guide. There, we keep track of the latest and greatest MacBook-related discounts across the most popular Apple resellers.

Article Link: Deals: Apple's 512GB 16-Inch MacBook Pro Returns to Low Price of $2,099.99 on Amazon
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Nov 12, 2007
So could we please get the new AMD Ryzen Pro chips that were just announced in the 16"?

Why? As much as it would be nice to have Ryzen CPUs, the macOS optimizations that Apple has been building on for several years with Intel CPUs wouldn't apply to Ryzen.

They've already been neglecting macOS for a while, I don't see them refocusing on macOS to optimize it for Ryzen, especially since they're working on ARM support for their upcoming Macs with ARM CPUs.

Still it due for a redesign?
This is the redesign, a speed bump is likely later this year but don't expect any more redesigns for the next few years. I suspect the next redesign would be the ARM redesign in 2022 or later.

There is probably a new one on line. Hope for m2 ssd's, and sodimm's.

Not sure I understand, are you referring to user-replaceable memory/disks? Yea, that's extremely unlikely to ever happen. Even the rest of the industry is moving toward the same soldiered ram/disk for laptops. ThinkPads are starting that move as well.

As mentioned, this is the new redesign.
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Aug 1, 2009
Go look at Surface Book 3. Unless you need a convertible the MBP gives you a lot more bang for the buck.


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Aug 8, 2014
My MBP 16inch is still having Kernel Panics when I put it into standby... It is a good device and the price is ok although I'm using it with "KeepingYouAwake" and on charge until this is fixed...

Does it support macOS? I'm just wondering how it is possible to compare such things?

I guess he wanted to say, that Microsoft is asking a higher price for less hardware and screen size, so that the MBP offers more for the same price. (included macOS)


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Nov 8, 2018
Apple’s refurbished site sometimes has these in stock for a bit less than that. They currently have the higher tier 8-core 1TB model for $2379.



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Jun 5, 2011
Heck, I'd pay full price if Apple would let you boot it up in Mojave (not using VM)! They can sell all these computers they want for as low as 2 cents, but if it's got Catalina on it, pre-installed, forget it!

[AUT] Thomas

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Mar 13, 2016
Graz [Austria]
It's a different story with Amazon in Germany where the 9th generation core i7 16" MBP with 512GB SSD is being currently being offered down from €2,699 to €2,415.57.
Deduct the 19% German VAT when you want to compare untaxed prices... 2k€ VS 2.1k$...
Also you practically get 2 years of warranty in Germany and that 2k also includes some highway robbery fees (

Price was always in that ballpark BTW:
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Feb 6, 2020
Bought yesterday a base 16" MacBook Pro to replace my 2017 MacBook Air non-Retina i5 8GB, guess it's like going from a popular car to a BMW! ?
There's nothing low about a $2000 laptop that will be obsolete in a few years

My main concern is it has only 16GB of RAM, but I guess I'll use it for much more than only 'few years'!
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